One UI 6 Causing Keyboard Theme Color Issues? Try This Workaround

Samsung has a user fanbase who loves to customize their devices using the Good Lock App. Many modules in the Good Lock app give unlimited customization options for almost everything on the phone. Themepark is another such engine that allows you to customize the icon, wallpaper, theme, etc. However, with the recent One UI update, the Themepark module of the Good Lock family gets some abnormality.

So what is the issue? Themepark is an excellent customization tool to give a personal touch to your keyboards, themes, quick panels, icons, etc. You can even specify to apply a theme for specific apps. However, recently, after the One UI 6 Update, the color palette applied to the Keyboard did not appear as set by the users.

One Samsung Moderator in Korea confirmed the issue and provided a temporary fix for it. As per the moderator, temporarily disabling (OFF) the color palette of the background screen from your settings can improve the phenomenon. Adding more points of the permanent fix, the moderator mentioned that users have to wait until the next update for the proper solution, probably One UI 6.1.

Temporary Fix for keyboard theme color setting issue due to One UI 6 Update
Source: Samsung

Follow the steps below to disable the color palette:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Wallpaper and Style
  • Tap on the Colour Palette option
  • Toggle the switch off the color palette
  • Tap on the Apply Button to confirm the settings

disable the color palette for SAmsung Device

As soon as any latest UI releases, it, as usual, requires bug fixes and minor changes for smooth and satisfactory performance. No matter how many beta versions are tested for the stable update, you cannot expect a perfect update. For instance, recently, there has been an issue with the Good Lock’s One-hand Operation+ App. Hopefully, Samsung will bring a fix in their next update, just as it has done recently for the widget animation issue. Till then, stay tuned to Saminsider for the latest news!

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