One UI 6.1 Update Adds Missing Burn-in Protection for Galaxy Devices

OLED displays are undeniably better than LCDs but come with several major disadvantages, notably screen burn-in issues. For those who do not know, screen burn-in is a permanent discoloration of the display, commonly caused by prolonged display of the same image for long hours.

To prevent the issue of burn-in on its phone’s AMOLED displays, Samsung introduced burn-in screen protection in One UI.

However, One UI 6.0 removed this feature on Samsung phones, making many users concerned about the longevity and reliability of their AMOLED displays. Fortunately, Samsung listened to user feedback and promised to add the feature soon, which has now been delivered in the One UI 6.1 update on Samsung devices.

Users of the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series can now rejoice in the return of the screen burn-in protection feature on their Samsung devices, which has been confirmed to now be working again for the Galaxy S23 Ultra by Toranji.

Burn-in Protection

This feature works the same way as earlier, by shifting the pixels of certain UI elements slightly for a few minutes so that the same image is not repeatedly displayed on the same group of pixels.

This process happens for the UI elements in the status bar and the navigation bar on modern Samsung phones with this built-in feature.

By not displaying the same image on the same pixels this way, the image retention does not last for a very long time, and hence, the long-term AMOLED burn-in issue is avoided, which extends the longevity of your Samsung phone’s display.

We hope that Samsung does not make any such major feature omissions in the future, but this issue has been resolved.

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