One UI 6.1 to Address One Hand Operation+ Window Size Issue

Since the stable variant of One UI 6.0 surfaced, Samsung’s Fanbase created a buzz online for quick fixes for certain issues. Soon after the latest UI launch, certain abnormal widgets, animation, and feature behaviors, which worked fine earlier, were noticed. One such issue discussed is the Good Lock’s One-hand Operation+ App, where the window size makes it difficult to utilize the Screen Down feature.

Notably, the company has been active in its forum, and one of the moderators replied regarding the issue. Samsung is also known for taking quick action regarding any inconvenience. For instance, recently, after the  One UI 6 update, a widget animation issue was speculated to be resolved in late November. The company stuck to its promise, and a fix was provided in the speculated time to resolve the issue.

In reply to the One-hand operation+ App screen-down issue, the moderator confirmed the problem and said a fix is available for the issue. However, the twist is that the One UI 6.1 update will address the fix. Now, there is no official news regarding the release of the One UI 6.1 update. But it was expected to be released in a similar time frame as One UI 5.1. This means we could expect One UI 6.1 to be released in late February 2024.

One UI 6.1 to solve One hand operation + Screen down issue.
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The One-hand mode is a useful feature for operating large display devices and is available on most devices. Mostly, the feature becomes useful when you are utilizing your hand in two tasks. Moreover, while driving or riding, you must use your device with a single hand; therefore, this mode can be used to access everything under your thumb. Samsung’s Goodluck app provides some of the finest customization apps in it. Depending on the individual, the preferences may vary; therefore, giving access to customize what each individual requires is a better option. Good Lock’s One Hand Operation+ app is one such example. The app provides a bundle of customization and gesture features compared to the normal One-hand mode.

Undoubtedly, Samsung will provide the fixes to resolve the “Screen down” issue that occurred after the latest firmware launch. Therefore, Stay tuned with Saminsider for more news!!

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