How to Download and Install WhatsApp On Galaxy Watch 4/5

WhatsApp has recently rolled out its Android beta version on May 2023. The latest update brought good news for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 users who want to get a full-fledged Whatsapp on their wrist. Galaxy Watch users already get the WhatsApp application but with limited access. You can only get the notification and reply to those messages in the earlier version. With the new update, you can view your previous conversation and send voice messages as you do on your phone.

However, Galaxy Watch users cannot quickly get the features without signing in to the beta program. At least for now, it is not available with the simple Play Store update. So in this article, we will discuss How you can Download and Install WhatsApp On your Galaxy Watch 4/ Watch 5.

Galaxy Watch 5

Latest Whatsapp Installation process on your Galaxy Watch 4/ Watch 5:

Samsung Electronics is a prominent smartphone manufacturer giant, yet the company lags in the Smartwatch genre. However, Samsung Galaxy Watches are giving strong opposition by being popular among users for their mesmerizing features. Galaxy’s latest Watch 4 series and the Watch 5 series gain significant followers soon after its launch. With the Galaxy Watches, users enjoy the latest health features ( The BIA Sensor can read accurate Heart rate, body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, and more) and auto workout training; you can now track your sleep. The battery is also improved in the latest Wach 5 series than their predecessor, Watch 4.

And now, with the latest WhatsApp update, you can be active with your friends at any time without getting out of your phone. Let’s see how you can install the latest WhatsApp on your Watch. But before that few notes to be taken-

  • First, use the same Google account on your phone and your Galaxy watch.
  • You must join the beta program to activate WhatsApp’s full version on your Watch. If you have not joined the program, you can see ” Beta Program is Full” on your Google Play store’s public WhatsApp Messenger version. You must enter the Whatsapp Testing program to enjoy a phone-like WhatsApp feature.
  • Make sure you have the same version of WhatsApp on both the device.
  • Update the Wear OS on your phone

Steps to install Whatsapp on your Galaxy Watch 4/5:

  • Join the Whatsapp beta Testing Program [Here]
    • Visit the link above and click on the “Become a Tester” button
    • If you have already joined, you will see ” Welcome to the Testing Program, you are a tester.
  • Now Go to the play store and search for Whatsapp messenger
    • If any beta update is available, download & install it.
    • Check the drop-down list of the “Available on more devices” section. After the beta update, showing your watch model might take some time. Once it shows, tap on the Install Button.
  • Similarly, open the Google Play store on your Watch and install the same Whatsapp beta version. To verify the version, scroll down and tap on More Info. ( Note again that you should sign in to Watch Playstore with the same Google account as on your phone)
  • Once your installation is completed, you need to open the app. You will get an 8-digit code on your Watch and a Whatsapp popup notification ” Are you trying to link a device? “ You need to tap on Confirm button. It may ask you to unlock the phone once.
  • After this, enter an 8-digit code, as shown in your Watch.
  • Whatsapp end-to-end encryption link will be established
  • And all your chats will load on your Watch

Install Whatsapp Manually if you cannot sign in to the Beta program:

Sometimes, you may be unable to sign in with the Whatsapp beta program. Then you are left with only one option, i.e., to sideload the Whatsapp beta APK file. Now there are various sources you can download it. One such suitable and trusted source is Here are the links to the APK file for your device and also for your Watch-

Now let’s dive into the steps to load Whatsapp Beta manually-

  • First, Install Android SDK Platform-tools [Here is the link]
  • Once downloaded, extract it to a suitable Drive (We will be needed the platform-tools folder later)
  • Now you need to enable ADB Debugging on your Watch. To do so, follow the steps below-
    • Go to your watch Settings
    • Now tap on About Watch
    • Then tap on Software Info
    • And finally, tap several times on the Software version
    • You will get the prompt “Developer mode is turned ON,” which indicates it is enabled
    • To confirm, go back to the settings menu, and now, just below the About Watch Section, you can notice the Developer option
    • Now Tap on the Developer Option
    • Enable the ADB Debugging and Debugging Over Wifi option. Note down the IP Address while enabling Debugging over the wifi option.
  • Allow ADB Debugging and Connect Your Galaxy Watch to your PC. Check the steps to allow ADB debugging.
    • Open your Platform Tools folder.
    • Now on the address bar, type “CMD.” This will prompt the command pannel. Check the command prompt to see if it shows your platform tool under your file location drive.
    • You need to type the command-
adb connect IP address

[ you need to enter the watch IP address instead of the underlined words].

    • Soon you will get a popup for “Allow Debugging.
    • Press OK
    • Now to verify your connection, type the command-
"adb devices"
    • This will show your IP Address with the Port number.
    • Note: do not close the Command panel
  • Installed the Whatsapp APK file to your Galaxy Watch. To do so, follow the steps below-
    • First, copy and paste your downloaded watch apk file on the Platform tools.
    • Now type the following command –
"adb -s IP address with port no  install  name of the pasted APK file .apk
    • Note: You need to enter the exact spelling as your copy-pasted Watch Whatsapp APK named
    • Once it’s done, Wait for a while to install the apk file
    • Then check your watch menu; you will find the WhatsApp icon.
  • Finally, you can launch your WhatsApp on your Watch, and then you will get the 8-digit code and follow the rest of the steps mentioned above.

Thats it! Now you can enjoy WhatsApp on your Watch, and no need to take out your phone now and then for chats. You can check if the device is linked to your WhatsApp and log out anytime. Also, you can leave the Beta program at any point.

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