Google Android 13 Tracker: Get Live Updates on Android 13 Tiramisu

A lot of guesswork has happened since Android 12 was launched last year. Android enthusiasts are speculating on what the next Android version will bring to the table. On top of that, in the first quarter of 2022, Google shared some info where we can see it might release a separate Android 12 (L) version for foldable phones and devices with larger displays.

But as time passes, users are becoming more eager to know the new features and functions that will come with the next big version of the OS, Android 13. Already a lot of leaks and rumors are being circulated on the web. While most of the talks are just hoaxes, few of them must come out true. Android 13 is said to be launched by Google in 2023.

Google Android 13 Tracker

In this list, we have added and will keep adding from time to time all the records of rumors and leaks of the upcoming Android 13. Bookmark this page on your browser to stay updated with the latest Android 13 leaks and rumors. However, we don’t take responsibility for the correctness of the data we gather from multiple sources and tipsters.

March 01, 2022

Flashlight brightness adjustment toggle

According to a blog post by Esper, Google might come up with this cool feature in Android 13 that will let users control the flashlight’s brightness on their phone. However, this will not be much used for phones with dimmer flashlights. But if you have a phone with a potent flashlight, you can reduce the brightness or adjust it according to your use case using the adjustment feature. However, a similar function is already available on Samsung Galaxy phones.

February 10, 2022

Developer Preview 1

On this date, Google announced the upcoming Android 13 and simultaneously launched the Android 13 Developer Preview for the Pixel phones (source).

January 28, 2022

Games will load faster.

It is reported that the new Android 13 will come with a unique feature for game lovers, which will drastically reduce the loading time in the game with the help of a newly-developed API that lets the game communicate with the OS for CPU boosts when required. This will allow the games to load faster.

January 14, 2022

4 New Color Combinations for Dynamic Theming (Named “Monet”)

Google will reportedly release four new dynamic themes (color combinations) with the new Android 13 OS. The ” Monet ” feature will bring four color combinations and dynamic theming. This will allow users to customize their Android appearance and make it more visually appealing.

January 13, 2022

Switch the Profile from the Lock screen.

Post-Android 13 launches, users can switch profiles from the lock screen itself. However, this feature is helpful for a minimal number of users as you won’t see multiple users using the same phone often.

January 11, 2022


This feature will be handy while transferring media. This will allow users to quickly transfer files and data between their smartphones and other devices. It sounds very similar to Apple’s Handoff feature.

January 10, 2022

Redesigned Audio Output Picker

Many of you might know the term “audio output picker.” It’s the interface you see when you press any volume rocker button. This interface allows you to set the volume for different purposes like media volume, ringtone volume, etc. In a recent report by AndroidPolice, we can see the Android 13 will come with a redesigned audio output picker.

December 24, 2021

XDA-Developers revealed four new features.

Through a report by XDA-Developers, we learned that Android 13 Tiramisu would come with four new features. These features were found on an early build:

1. App Languages

This feature will allow users to set different languages for different apps rather than changing the language throughout the Android system.

2. Runtime Permission for Notifications

This feature will be handy for a lot of non-tech users. Now, I see many people face this issue of getting bombarded with notifications from different apps installed on their devices. Even though there is an option to turn off notifications from specific apps, as most users are unaware, the unwanted messages disturb them daily.

But this new feature in Android 13 will ask users whether they want to give an app permission to show notifications. It will be similar to what we see now for the camera, location, storage, etc. There might also be a feature to allow only certain notifications from an app rather than being bombarded with countless notifications from a single app. Users will be able to choose which types of notifications they want to get from a specific app.

3. TARE: The Android Resource Economy

This is a very intricate feature that will “award” apps based on battery level. The apps can then use these “awards” as a currency to perform tasks. This is introduced to let the apps perform specific tasks based on how important they are for the users keeping the battery level in mind. So, when the battery level is deficient, only essential tasks can be performed by the apps that users need the most.

4. Lock Screen Clock Layout

This new feature will let users keep the lock screen clock in the same place even when the notifications arrive. Because now, when you receive a message, the lock screen clock changes its appearance and moves to the top, and its size decreases. This might cause difficulty in seeing the time when you aren’t bothered about the notifications or outdoors in bright daylight. With this new feature, you can set the lock screen clock in the same state even when a notification arrives so the watch will remain visible and prominent to make it easier for the user to see it outdoors.

December 14, 2021

Disable Phantom Processes

An XDA-Developers report said that Google might introduce a toggle to disable the Background app limitations (Phantom Processes) on the new Android 13 Tiramisu. But later, on December 15, 2021, the report was updated, and the feature is said to make its way into Android 12L rather than Android 13.

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