Galaxy Z Fold 6 will not get a major camera upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is the most successful in the world. It gets positive reception, has few quality control issues, has acceptable cameras, and has the best software experience on a foldable phone. Unfortunately, a high amount of sales and market dominance only promotes complacency.

The phones every year are so iterative that it’s extremely boring and slows down the speed of innovation. Samsung got more competition last year in the form of the OnePlus Open, but Samsung still won the sales battle, though OnePlus may have won the innovation and specs battle.

In response, Samsung was supposed to upgrade the Galaxy Z Fold 6 majorly. The early rumors said that the Z Fold 6 would get a built-in S Pen, the phone would become wider and less tall to make the outer display more usable, and we might also get a larger battery, a new 200MP primary sensor, and a chip bump.

Z Fold leak
Z Fold 6 R&D Photos (Concepts) via @asbytofficial/ Twitter

However, the 200MP sensor rumor will mostly not come true. According to a report from GalaxyClub, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will not get the 200MP sensor from the S24 Ultra. Samsung is internally testing a 50MP sensor for the Fold 6. This is extremely similar to the setup on the existing Z Fold 5. The 50MP 1/1.56″ GN3 is very old and outdated.

If this rumor is true, the Z Fold 6 will have really poor camera hardware for a flagship. To make matters worse, the reports don’t say anything about new front camera hardware. Samsung is apparently planning to stick with the 1/4″ 10MP 3X telephoto, which is very poor at zoom. The ultra-wide will also remain the same. Samsung might change this sometime during the later production stages. At the moment, they don’t appear interested in doing so.

Samsung also plans to launch a new Z Fold 6 FE and possibly a tri-folding phone later this year. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 might get a decent camera upgrade with a new primary sensor and maybe a telephoto lens.

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