Galaxy Z Fold 6 design leak compares it to Z Fold 5

Samsung is prepping to launch the sixth generation foldables, including the Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Z Fold 6, and Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim (or Ultra). Except for the new Ultra foldable, it will be an iterative upgrade over its predecessor.

The Z Flip 6 is expected to get a bigger battery, the Ultra will get a slimmer design (but at the cost of no S Pen support as per previous leaks), and the Z Fold 6 is just expected to be a refinement over the current-gen Z Fold 5.

Now, a new leak by the ever-reliable source Ice Universe (via @UniverseIce on X/Twitter) has shown the new design of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 (on the right) compared to the Z Fold 5 (on the left).

It is seen that the new Z Fold 6’s cover display has a slightly wider aspect ratio compared to the Z Fold 5, which makes the new model a bit shorter than the older one despite the same screen’s diagonal size.

Z Fold 6 design leak

This makes the new Fold 6’s cover display aspect ratio closer to an actual slab smartphone than in the past, making it more convenient to use.

Other changes include the new sharper corners, which are less curved and more flat, possibly bringing the design language of the new Z Fold 6 closer to Samsung’s newest slab flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, giving the new foldable a similar boxy appearance, unlike the curvier Z Fold 5. The display radius is also subsequently sharper on the Fold 6.

The gap between the hinge area and the cover display has also been reduced drastically, with the leaker adding that the increased screen width of the Z Fold 6 is due to the increase in the right bezel of the display.

While users will be happy with the wider aspect ratio of the cover display, it may cause ergonomic issues since it replicates the sharper corners of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which makes it very uncomfortable for some people to hold over a period of time. Here’s hoping Samsung has thought about this issue and that we get better comfort.

Additionally, the Z Fold 6 display seems to be tuned differently than the Z Fold 5: it looks like it has better color reproduction and possibly bigger brightness, but it is inconclusive since the differences could be due to the camera angle or the lighting.

Expect the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to be unveiled at Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked Event in July 2024.

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