When will Galaxy Z Flip 4 get One UI 6 (Android 14)?

Samsung Electronics is a leading foldable smartphone manufacturer. In 2022 the company released its most versatile fourth-generation foldable smartphone- Galaxy Z Flip 4. And the company has been in the news recently because of a leak in software development. As usual, rumors spread that Samsung will release One UI 6 soon this year.

Well, Samsung is yet to release the official news on One UI 6. However, we can’t deny that Google is launching Android 14 this year, as the beta version is in the testing phase(Developer Preview). And Korean tech giant always launches its new user interface parallel to Android Update.

Now the question is, When will Galaxy Z Flip 4 receive the latest UI 6 Update? Well, let’s find out then!!

Before moving to the answer, let us briefly overview the current Galaxy Flip 4 Specs and software details. Most people get confused Galaxy Flip 4 with Galaxy Z Fold 4. The concept behind Samsung’s Fold & Flip design contradicts each other. The company first designed the Galaxy Fold with a concept to give its users a big screen while unfolding the device. Later, it designs Galaxy Flip to make the phone more compact while folding.

Update August 11:

Samsung has opened up beta testing for One UI 6, based on Android 14, on the new Galaxy S23 series. Users in the United States, Germany, and South Korea can now enroll in the beta program through the Samsung Members app.

The beta introduces UI changes like a redesigned Quick Settings panel and a new camera widget for choosing a storage location before taking a photo. Samsung also mentioned new wallpaper customization for different Modes and Routines, allowing users to set specific wallpapers depending on their context.

Overall, the One UI 6 beta brings some helpful new features and design tweaks to Samsung’s latest flagship phones. By starting the beta program now, Samsung aims to refine the software ahead of a wider rollout of Android 14 and One UI 6 for more devices later this year.

Introduction to Galaxy Flip 4:

Samsung redefined the boundaries of a smartphone with its foldable smartphones. And the Fourth Generation Galaxy Z Flip 4 has more advanced features than the earlier flip lineup.

The main key feature of the Z Flip 4 is its foldable display. The main display is 6.7 inches Full HD with Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display Technology. Moreover, it has 120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate. The final twist comes when it is folded, and the 1.9 inches Super AMOLED cover screen gives control from the outside. Notably, Z Flip 4 is the only of its kind which receives the IPX8 rating making it a water-resistant smartphone.

Additionally, the flex mode of the phone gives the privilege to bend the main screen as per your convenience ( between 75 deg to 115 deg Angle). Moreover, you can simultaneously use the touchpad in flex mode, getting more control over the phone for multitasking.

Z Flip 4 has a powerful Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, with a maximum clock speed of 3.2 GHz. This is wonderful for people who like multitasking, gaming geeks, etc.

The camera has a 12MP Wide, 12MP Ultra Wide, 10x Digital Zoom rear camera on the back and 10MP on its front. You can even use the camera in compact mode and control your phone over the cover screen.

With all this, Samsung has also provided an efficient 3700 mAh battery to the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Regarding the current software version, Galaxy Z Flip 4 recently received the stable One UI 5.0 Update with Android 13 base in November 2022. Initially, the phone was launched with Android 12 base One UI 4.1.1 skin. On a more recent note, on February 2023, it received the One UI 5.1 software update and the February security patches.

z flip 4
Image credit: Samsung

Galaxy Z Flip 4 One UI 6 Update Status:

  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 is expected to receive the upcoming One UI 6 in a similar timeframe as earlier major software updates, i.e., in November 2023.

As we all know, Galaxy Flip 4 is one of Samsung’s newly launched foldable smartphones. It is enlisted to Samsung’s Four Years of Software Update policy.

Samsung, on February 2022, set a new standard in smartphone industries by increasing the software update policy of its devices for another additional year. Not only that, but the company also committed to providing five years of security updates.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 and other flagship phones are eligible for four years of OS upgrades. Since Galaxy Z Flip 4 has received only a major OS upgrade, i.e., One UI 5, if our calculation is correct, Z Flip 4 will be eligible for up to One UI 8 Software update. Hence, we can expect that Samsung will prioritize the device whenever the One UI 6 stable update is launched.

One UI 6 will likely bring many new advanced features and enhancements to this engineering marvel Galaxy Z Flip 4. Here are some of the expected areas where One UI 6 is going to bring changes-

  • Enhancing the Customization on Display
  • Better Privacy and Security
  • Improved Multitasking
  • New Gesture & Navigation
  • Improved Dark modes.

Overall, we can conclude that Galaxy Z Flip is one of the most advanced devices in this era. The device is quite capable of taking another software update. And in the upcoming years, it may go thru several OS upgrades until the update cycle ends.

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