Galaxy S25 Ultra Spotted in IMEI Database with Model Number SM-S938U

Rumors about Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S25 Ultra, have been circulating on the web for the past few months.

As per the Android Headlines report, a US version of the Galaxy S25 Ultra has been spotted in an IMEI database.

The entry in the database shows model number SM-S938U. We know that Galaxy S models have a naming scheme ending with a letter representing the region involved. In this case, “U” is most likely for the United States.


This suggests that Samsung has started developing the US-specific version of the S25 Ultra.

It will take several months before Samsung launches its Galaxy S25 series. Usually, the company unveils its S-series flagships in the first quarter of every year. With the possible appearance of the US variant on the database now, this could be suggested somewhere around January 2025.

This IMEI listing doesn’t provide any specifications about the S25 Ultra.

Earlier leaks suggest that new UFS 4.0 4-lane storage technology will come for faster data transfer speeds. The S25 Ultra is rumored to have a slightly larger 6.9-inch screen. There might be camera enhancements pointing at either a huge jump in the megapixel count or a completely different sensor, among others.

Of course, these are just rumors for now. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Samsung to know for sure what features the Galaxy S25 Ultra will pack.

However, this IMEI listing increases the excitement about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone.

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