Galaxy S25 Rumored to Pack LPDDR6 RAM for Faster Performance

The LPDDR5 standard features more efficient operating voltages and maintains an excellent balance between power efficiency and performance. With a reported 20% reduction in power consumption, it’s a major upgrade. It’s the standard for RAM on flagship smartphones in 2024.

According to a report from Aju News, Samsung is already working on the next-generation LPDDR6 RAM technology. If production begins on time, the Galaxy S25 will be the first batch of smartphones with this new RAM standard.

As expected, the key focus of this new RAM technology is AI, which is making its way into smartphone UI. The International Semiconductor Standards Organization (JEDEC) will finalize this RAM standard soon, according to a post from Revegnus. The leaker expects the announcement around September 2024. After this announcement, Samsung and some other brands will announce the first products with LPDDR6 RAM.

news about LPDDR6

The report from Aju News also suggests that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 will feature this RAM tech, and the GDDR7 tech might make its way to the GeForce 5000 series and the RDNA4 lineup.

SK Hynix (RAM division) and Samsung are quickening the mass production of LPDDR6. It’ll have a higher bandwidth and transfer rate. On-device AI will get even faster. This Low-Power RAM is mostly found on smartphones and tablets because they need to consume as little power as possible due to their smaller size.

We don’t know the exact performance numbers yet. LPDDR5 has a max of 6.4GBPS speed, and LPDDR5X has a max speed of 8.5GBPS. Apple might be one of the first recipients of LPDDR6 RAM with the A18 Pro chipset.

The new RAM standard will not just help with on-device AI but also massively improve the efficiency and longevity of products. Generative AI models are already good enough to run on-device photo editing tools, and the new RAM will help run more complex AI tasks, even in the background while other apps are open.

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