Galaxy S24 users are likely to enjoy Super HDR in Instagram Feeds soon

The super HDR feature is a special case for Galaxy S24, and its older devices are not enjoying this feature due to limitations. Users can click images with vibrant colors and details in bright and dark ranges. However, by default, social media apps like Instagram do not enable the Super HDR option.

Recently, S24 users raised the concern and inquired if they could experience the Super HDR in their Instagram feed. Further, the user enquires about any toggle option to disable or enable the Super HDR facility. One of the Samsung moderators acknowledged the concern by replying to the user in the forum.

One of the active tipsters, @TarunVats, has informed its users with a forum reply in his tweeter handle. The moderator mentioned that the company is collaborating with Instagram to bring the feature to Galaxy S24 users.

The team informed us to apply the features in a way that operates by default in the feed. Further, the moderator mentioned that the team has been considering the toggle function for social media apps for review. Once there is positive feedback from the users, perhaps it will be possible.

Galaxy S24 Users can Enjoy Super HDR in Instagram Feeds Soon

More or less, it implies the popularity of the Super HDR features among the S24 users. Concerns regarding support on various platforms will arise from time to time. It’s good Samsung has taken the matter seriously and given a ray of hope with the collaboration.

Lastly, if any positive development happens and the company successfully collaborates with social media apps, Super HDR will be set as the default for S24. The team will provide the notification through the Samsung Member App. Make sure you have registered the app. Meanwhile, enjoy taking images with Galaxy S24 super HDR.

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