The Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t get the Qi2 charging standard

The Wireless Power Consortium is responsible for developing the Qi2 wireless charging standard. It attaches magnets to phones, providing a better charging experience than the old Qi1 standard. The charging speeds are also faster.

The original Qi standard could support 5W peak charging speeds, but Qi2 supports 15W. As the Qi2 standard improves over time, we expect better speeds, too. It doesn’t overheat as much, either. A lot of the innovation with Qi2 is thanks to Apple developing MagSafe.

A ring of magnets helps us align the phone better. The charging will stop or slow down if the coils aren’t aligned properly. But since the transmitter and receiver perfectly align with Qi2, that is no longer a problem. This also allows for multiple attachable accessories for your smartphone. And preserves long-term battery health.

Smartphones have to undergo a strict testing process to obtain the Qi2 certification. Only the iPhone 15 lineup currently supports it, but all MagSafe iPhones should get it via a software update since Qi2 builds on MagSafe.

Qi2 charging

The S24 series launch is just around the corner, and everyone’s waiting for the launch event on the 17th of January. A new advertisement on Samsung’s channel shows the Galaxy Book 4 series and features a new Samsung phone on a stand. Using this as source material, people assume the S24 Ultra will get the Qi2 magnetic wireless charging standard.

However, a 9To5Google report says that the S24 Ultra will mostly not support the Qi2 standard. Turns out it’s not a new upcoming phone in the trailer video. People thought it was the S24 Ultra, but Samsung officially states it’s the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s a flagship from January 2023, which doesn’t support this standard either. Since Samsung officially discloses that it’s the S23 Ultra, we have no reason to assume it’s the S24 Ultra. The assumption that it’s a magnet holding up the phone makes sense, but it’s just a stand.

There are many rumors and leaks about the S24 Ultra, but none mention the Qi2 standard. Thanks to Galaxy AI, we can expect a better 200MP sensor, a new 5X periscope (possibly with 120mm portraits), and the new 8 Gen 3 with plenty of AI features.

The Qi2 standard was finalized just a few months ago, and it’s unlikely that Samsung is rushing to adopt it since it would also impact the development phase of the S24 Ultra.

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