Galaxy S24 Ultra Users Report Charging Problems

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery and charges at 45W if you buy the adapter separately. It supports 45W of peak PD charging. The phone also has Qi 1 15W wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging. The phone can reach 65% in 30 minutes, which is fast for most people.

It can also charge with your existing 25W chargers, but it will take a lot longer, over an hour and 20 minutes, for a full charge. In an ideal situation, this is a very healthy charging situation. Unfortunately, there are many problems with the S24 series, and many reports on Reddit and the Samsung Community about charging with the S24 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a Charging Issue

After using the same charging cable as their old S23 Ultra, it shows that the phone is “Charging Super fast,” as usual. However, it doesn’t charge at the full 45W. Instead, a full charge takes around 5X the usual charge time. Taking nearly 4 hours for a full charge is very abnormal. Charging speeds can slow down if the phone is too hot or ambient temperatures are too hot. A delay of around 30 minutes is acceptable, but not this much.

Many people confirm the same issue, even with a fast charging 65W charging brick. It’s important to note that not everyone has this issue. For some others, there’s barely any difference in charging speed between the S24 Ultra and S23 Ultra. We don’t know if the scale of the problem is significant enough for Samsung, but the magnitude of people facing these problems is quite large in isolation. It needs a fix with an update if it’s a software issue, which it mostly is.

In some cases, turning off fast charging from settings and turning it back on solves the issue. This isn’t a proven solution, though. People are considering returning the device if Samsung doesn’t fix this issue, and it’s also happening regardless of the charging brick. The phone taking over 2h to charge is very inconvenient, and such problems shouldn’t exist on a premium flagship.

In some cases, it only gets to 53% from 20% in 25 minutes. The S23 Ultra takes under 20 minutes to charge to 50% from 3%. This is a major difference. The phone also drops a lot of battery, and the drop per hour is inconsistent and unpredictable.

A post suggests that Samsung knows the problem and is working on a fix. They suggest generic workarounds like restarting, using a different brick, and enabling the fast-charging option from Settings. In some cases, it only charges fast for a few seconds. It needs a full restart to even charge sometimes, and it randomly stops charging in the middle.

It’s not just problems with regular charging. Even wireless charging in cars has issues. It charges for a few seconds and displays an error symbol.

s24 Charging


According to the Samsung community moderator, there are some workarounds.

  • Test the charging in Safe Mode to see if it’s an app issue.
  • Optimize your device.
  • Check for hardware issues at a service center.
  • Contact Samsung Support and send product feedback; try exchanging the device if it’s in the eligible period.

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