Galaxy S24 Ultra Text Translation Doesn’t Stop Properly, Users Report

The new text translation feature is part of Samsung’s new Galaxy AI feature suite. It works across multiple apps, similar to how Google Pixel phones do. Galaxy AI includes live and real-time translation of both texts and calls. This eliminates the language barrier between two parties, and you don’t have to go back and forth with Google Translate every single time.

Unfortunately, there are many reports on the Samsung Community Forums that text translation doesn’t stop or terminate when it has to. Closing the app out of the Recents Menu or closing all the apps from RAM with the “X” button doesn’t work either. Deleting the entire chat/ conversation doesn’t solve the problem either. Translation doesn’t stop and continues for every single text.

It’s not limited to a particular texting app. People have the same experience across multiple texting tools. In some cases, it happens only with one specific conversation/ chat. Translation doesn’t stop for that particular chat but works properly for other chats. The translate text feature has had many bugs ever since the rollout, and this is another one. There were other bugs, like completely incorrect translations.

Text Translation

One user suggests this workaround:

  1. Tap on the Star icon. This icon is a universal representative symbol for Galaxy AI.
  2. Tap on Chat Translate.
  3. Tap on X to stop the translate feature and exit the app.
  4. The tool should now stop translating your messages.

However, not all experiences are the same, and this workaround doesn’t help many people. It’s frustrating since typing randomly starts in the wrong places sometimes because of this bug, or it’ll go to a random place after the user has started typing.

Another solution to this problem is to open the Settings app, go to Advanced Features, tap Advanced Intelligence, and find the Samsung Keyboard option. From here, tap on the Chat Translation option. You will get a toggle to completely turn off the feature from here if it bothers you a lot.

However, this completely disables the feature and is not a proper solution. To use the feature again, you must follow all these steps and enable it again. We hope Samsung issues a fix for this problem soon with a software update.

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