Galaxy S24 Ultra Scrolling and Lag Issues Reported by Users

One of the standout features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the display quality. There are issues with vibrancy, where the colors shown do not appear boosted and pleasing, even in the Vibrant color mode. However, Samsung has confirmed that they will fix this with an update, improving the DCI-P3 percentage to increase the display’s vibrancy.

Apart from this, the display quality of the S24 Ultra gets a very positive critical reception. The new glass technology blocks out almost all reflections, keeping the screen visible in almost every single ambient lighting condition. The brightness boost is helpful as well. Unfortunately, the smoothness aspect of the S24 Ultra is problematic, according to several reports on Reddit and the Samsung Community.

The screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, and it’s also an LTPO screen. It can automatically adjust its refresh rate between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on the content on the display. This saves battery life. The problem with LTPO screens is that they sometimes don’t boost the refresh rate to 120Hz fast enough. This can cause a very noticeable lag on the screen.

Lag Issues Reported

Reports mention terrible scrolling lag on the S24 Ultra. Scrolling is really choppy, and it looks worse than budget phones. Other flagship phones have much smoother screens. It feels choppier in scrolling than 60Hz devices. This indicates that frame rates are dropping below 60FPS. A new unit that users got after replacing the old one has the same problems.

The scrolling lag is very apparent when you scroll through Google Discover or the News Food. Many apps and websites have the same problem. The animations also drop many frames when multitasking or switching between apps. Older iPhones were also a lot smoother.

There is even animation lag when multitasking and switching between apps, with stuttering. The sources linked above also include a video about this problem. Sometimes, it doesn’t register scrolling properly or a completely different area than the touch point. Other times, it completely misses the swipe. Despite providing touch input, it fails to scroll at times.

It’s not an internet speed issue since it also happens on offline apps. Multiple swipe gestures also have problems; some report missing swipes, even with the S Pen. People speculate that it’s an issue with loading content into cache or RAM. This is a software issue. Multiple users report lag in normal scrolling through the UI. Both Exynos and Snapdragon variants of the phone have the same problem.

A manager has acknowledged the problem and forwarded it to the relevant team, considering the number of reports. Meanwhile, some workarounds are to disable RAM Plus or reduce the animations. You can give Samsung your feedback via the Samsung Members app. You can also try turning off your phone, opening the recovery menu, and then wiping the cache partition. This has helped some users.

Since this is an obvious software problem, Samsung will mostly fix it soon with an update.

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