Galaxy S24 Ultra Users Report Android Auto Issues: How to Fix It?

Galaxy S24 Ultra users recently complained about the Android Auto app in its help Forum. As reported, users have issues connecting the Android Auto app in their cars using USB and wireless connections. This issue is not new to Galaxy users, as S22 & S23 users faced similar problems recently after the One UI 6 update.

The reason for such an issue with the Galaxy S24 might be the new One UI 6.1! However, you cannot directly blame the UI developer for such an issue, as it might be an incompatible update from the App developer’s end. The responsibility is also from the car manufacturers’ side as they develop their software to interact with the Android Auto App. Moreover, there might be hardware limitations in connection with the latest phone like Galaxy S24. Android version may also be the reason. As the recent Android versions introduce dynamic IP Addresses that change IP addresses to hotspots, this applies to Android 11 or later. Since Galaxy S24 runs on Android 14, it could be possible.

Troubleshoot Galaxy S24 Ultra Connection Issue with Android Auto App:

Google’s Android Auto app is an infotainment system that supports various features. This app is often used for navigation as it provides outstanding voice assistant support while driving. It also provides an automatic connection feature whenever your mobile Bluetooth or WiFi (Hotspot) is on. Moreover, the features like making calls or receiving make it wonderful from a safety point of view. Other features like music, online podcasts, etc, are the bonus features again.

Screen Shoot of Issue reported in Android Auto Help Forum

Therefore, recently reported issues of Galaxy S24 not connecting with Android Auto,  wirelessly or USB mode are concerning. What’s the solution for it? You can contact the car customer center or service center if it is a major issue like outdated car software/Firmware. Manufacturers like Volkswagen, Skoda, and SEAT have confirmed they are working on updates for the affected cars’ models. Updating the firmware will resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you can try the fixes below to resolve the issue.

1. Check the Android Auto App on your Phone:

First, check for any updates for your Android Auto Application in the Google Play Store. Next, check if Android Auto is switched on in the vehicle’s settings. If not, enable the settings and make sure the app is updated.

Check Android Auto’s availability in your country to see if the above two points are clear. Yes, Android Auto is supported only in 46 countries for now. Now, where should you check? Do not worry; you can get the partnering details of Android Auto from here. If your country is listed, then check out the other points below.

2. Verify Cars and their Stereo are compatible with Android Auto:

Another issue with Android Auto is the compatibility with the cars and their sound system or aftermarket stereo. Around 500 car models supported Android Auto, and it’s increasing. There is also a compatibility issue with the stereo models. Therefore, you must ensure you have the eligible hardware in your car to use Android Auto.

Check if your vehicle or aftermarket Stereo supports the Android Auto here. If it is listed, then check the following fixes.

3. Check the USB Cable:

Since you can connect Android Auto using your phone charging cable, ensuring it physically fits is essential. Verify if there is any physical damage to the USB cable and its port. Observe if any debris or dirt clogged the slots of the cars or the cable. If everything looks normal, try changing the USB cable and reconnecting it. If the issue remains as it is, then try the fixes below.

4. Check your Phone settings:

It’s okay to look into the phone settings to determine the issue. Therefore, here are some points you need to ensure-

  • Check if the Google Play settings are up to date.
  • The next thing you need to ensure is the device software. Navigate to the settings quickly and download & install the latest version (if available).
  • Make sure you have an active data plan. As you know, connecting your phone to cars through Android Auto requires internet connectivity. Therefore, an operational data plan is needed to run real-time navigation, listen to online music or podcasts, etc.
  • Another point you need to ensure is that the device has 5GHz WiFi support. The reason to prefer 5GHz WiFi is that it gives a seamless wireless experience, having the fastest speed and less interference. If you want to know if your Samsung device supports that band, here follow the steps-
    • Go to Settings
    • Then select Connections
    • Next, go to Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
    • Select Mobile Hotspot
    • Then to More options (Vertical three dots)
    • Select Configure Mobile Hotspot
    • Changes the  Band to 5 GHz
Steps to check the Hotspot Band in Samsung Phone
Credit: Samsung

Now, check if the issue gets resolved.

Final Words:

After trying all the above fixes, your issue is not eliminated; you need to wait until any updates arrive. Contact the Cars Service Center or Customer Care for further support. Don’t worry. You are not alone in facing such an issue; it will be resolved once understood. As for now, developers have responded to the complaints and are looking into the matter. Moreover, the Android Auto Team community specialist starts taking information on the problem from users to analyze it further. Meanwhile, follow us and stay tuned for any updates in Saminsider!

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