Galaxy S24 Ultra Object Eraser Not Working Properly, Users Report

The object eraser is very similar to Google’s Magic Eraser tool. Samsung also has an equivalent to the Magic Editor now. However, this feature is very buggy for Galaxy S24 Ultra users in its current state, and the object eraser isn’t working as advertised. Using it is simple enough. You go to an image, tap on the Edit button, tap on More Options, and find the Labs option.

Choose the Object Eraser button from here, and draw a circle around what you want to erase. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as intended for S24 Ultra users. It works fine with larger objects and easily recognizable distractions. There are many reports on Reddit and the Samsung Forums that it doesn’t work well with even remotely smaller objects.

For smaller objects, the AI tool doesn’t properly erase these distractions. Instead, it just fades their color slightly so they don’t appear as obvious in the image. It falls apart even after a little bit of zooming in. People expected the new Galaxy AI implementation to fill the background with the proper color accurately, erase the object, and not just dull its color.

Object Eraser Not Working

To make matters worse, it works better on older Samsung phones like the S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra. Drawing smaller circles doesn’t work as well anymore. Sometimes, it doesn’t erase anything when you tap on erase and change the colors a bit.

The background restoration of the older models is also better than that of the newer models. Using AI to cut figures out and move them around does not work, and you get a response saying that the phone cannot do it. The end result is sometimes a blurry mess. People are resorting to other third-party apps for better results. Sometimes, the “Can’t generate fill” error shows up.

Some claim the tool is still in beta, and Samsung might improve it with updates. The Gallery app version has problems with detecting objects. The latest version is, and some reports say this version fixes the problems. However, others say Samsung made it worse with updates, so we’re unsure whether this will help. Some reports say it works better on much older phones like the S20 FE.

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