Galaxy S24 Ultra Drop & Scratch Test: Does Gorilla Glass Armor Hold Up?

So, Experts are testing the Galaxy S24 Ultra aggressively to provide a better review for Samsung Fans. After the Galaxy Event, the most awaited Galaxy S24 series is now delivering its pre-order bookings. The experts shared a lot of reviews when they handed in the S24. But what about a Drop & Scratch test?

Reviewers mainly focus on Galaxy AI, and only a few experts have done some hardcore tests. One such tester, Youtuber PKB Reviews, recently performed a Drop test on Galaxy S24 and the Scratch test. One of his scratch tests also used dust particles, similar to the IP68 dust resistance test. These tests are essential to find out the display protection features.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gone Through Scratch, Dust and Drop Test

As we know, Galaxy S24 Ultra has display protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Armor, superior to Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 used in Galaxy S23 Ultra and S24 vanilla variants. Although the display protection is satisfactory regarding scratch resistance, in the drop test, Victus 2 is the winner! Moreover, the Galaxy S24 has a titanium frame, which is considered tough compared to the Galaxy S23 aluminum frame. Therefore, the drop test conducted by PKB can be used to find out the reality.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Drop Test:

The drop test is done at various angles from the waist height. The S24 was dropped four times, landing on the mobile’s side, bottom, front, and back.

    • Front Drop: A crack was observed at the top right corner of the screen. But the phone looks good and working.
    • Back Drop: Minor scratch on the titanium frame that can be brushed off. Minor cracks were observed, but the screen was not compromised. Additionally, no real damage was observed on the camera glasses.
    • Side Drop: No potential damage was observed apart from minor scrapes on the frame.

NOTE: All the above tests may vary depending on the surface drops or the landing patterns.

Front Drop
Image Credit: PBKreviews

At the end of the drop test, the tester suggested the titanium frame successfully passed the strength test. Although Samsung needs to improve its screen protection, from a waist height, it manages to have some cracks. Meanwhile, other manufacturers can withstand head height drops without any scratches.

Galaxy S24 Scratch Resistance Test:

Continuing the test further, the test uses sand gravels to perform a scratch test on the Corning Gorilla Glass Armor of S24. The reviewer first used a mini sanding machine to make a scratch on the Titanium frame. But the Titanium frame does its job wonderfully, having minor scratches again.

After that, the test was conducted further with the Sand and gravel on the display screen, scrubbing in a round and zigzag manner and writing its channel name on it with the Sand. But no minor scratch was observed at all. Overall, Galaxy S24 Corning Gorilla Glass Armor passed the scratch resistance test with a full score.

Final words:

As the video shows, the drop test can be performed more aggressively, at various angles and heights, to know the actual data. However, the most practical height is about a meter or waist height; therefore, this test can give a brief idea. However, from the Scratch Resistance test, we can say Armored Glass is far superior to Victus 2. Well, Galaxy S24 Ultra can be praised in many manners- for instance, its larger Vapour camber, Galaxy AI, Always On Display Wallpaper Feature, etc. But when it comes to durability, we have to make a choice.

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