Galaxy S24 Lineup Screen Protector Leaks Reveal Familiar Design

You can expect leaks and rumors until the final release of the Galaxy S24 lineup. In a recent leak, three Screen protectors were revealed for the Galaxy S24 lineup shared by an active tipster, IceUniverse. Notably, this screen protector matches the questionable S24 design surfaces online in November.

Regarding the Screen protector, it seems Samsung keeps the bezel border thin for more display area. Each line will have a flat, flat-surfaced display based on the Screen protector. It also confirms the previous leak, as the base variant Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ edges are supposed to have a round corner. Whereas the massive S24 Ultra has rectangular-shaped corner edges, similar to the design leaked.

Leak image of screen protector of Galaxy S24
Credit: IceUniverse (

This November, we are all full with the feeds of Galaxy S24. Still, what is under the hood of Samsung is unknown. Compiling all together, we can say if those leaks are to be true, Galaxy S24 will be an awesome phone in 2024.

Let’s explore, in short, what the upcoming Galaxy S24 is likely to have in 2024. As per the information leaked so far, we can say the S24 lineup will most likely be tipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. However, Samsung’s upcoming S24+ was recently spotted on a Geekbench test with an Exynos 2400 setup. The results, however, seem too poor as the Exynos 2400 struggles to beat Galaxy S23+. What the company is trying to achieve with such a score is yet a big question mark.

Moreover, it was mostly rumored the phone would have generative AI support like ChatGPT. Although it might not be charge-free, you need to take a subscription for using on-device AI. Another leak surfaced online says Samsung to stick with the 8GB RAM for its upcoming base model Galaxy S24. With all these, it is likely that the Galaxy S24 will lineup launch soon, in late January 2024.

The company, however, has not yet shared any official information regarding the upcoming S24 series. Hopefully, the company made a grand entry with all these expected features.

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