The Galaxy S24 focuses more on AI, but not much on cameras

The Galaxy S24 lineup is due for launch in January 2024. The phones do bring any promising hardware changes, but the focus is on software and AI. Many analysts predict that Samsung’s sales will increase with the S24 lineup if they deliver with the AI performance.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is built for AI, with tremendous boosts to the NPU performance. It’s capable of on-device translation, supports large language models, and has Generative AI capabilities. The Exynos 2400 also has a 1470% boost to its AI performance and NPU, which can run the entire suite of Samsung Gauss features.

Samsung Gauss has several features that we know of:

  1. On-device Generative AI.
  2. Live call translation and live messages translation.
  3. Better Photo Editing.
  4. Image-to-text conversion.

Other than these, Samsung could announce several other AI features. The closest comparison we have is Google’s Pixel phones. They have call screening, smarter Assistant, At A Glance, and more.

However, all this AI buzz is coming at the cost of hardware. Smartphones are a complete package of both hardware and software. Both hold importance in a phone, and it’s not good to overcompensate for poor hardware with software. The right balance of hardware is necessary, and this is especially true when it comes to cameras.

The S23 series lacks in this aspect. The S23 has a 1/1.56″ primary sensor, far behind the 1″ sensors that some of the competition offers at this price range. The 3X telephoto is unreasonably tiny, at just ~1/4″. The software does plenty of heavy lifting, and the photos end up over-processed with halo effects, unnatural sharpness boost, and poor noise control.

It’s the same problem with the Ultra model. The primary sensor has a smaller effective pixel size and a 1/1.3′ sensor, and the software does plenty of heavy lifting for the telephoto camera. According to Ice Universe on X, instead of focusing on camera hardware upgrades, which were the only major complaints with the S23 series, Samsung is completely neglecting the camera aspect of the upcoming S24 lineup.

focuses more on AI

There are apparently many original ways of presenting AI, and Samsung will introduce some groundbreaking new AI features that change how we use our smartphones. They’re allegedly working overtime to deliver buyers an excellent experience with software and AI. AI is the only major highlight of the S24 lineup. To get more people to buy the S24 lineup, Samsung will probably limit several AI features to only the S24 lineup, stating hardware limitations. They could bring some down to older models with the One UI 6.1 update.

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