Fix: Galaxy S23 Not Charging Problem

Samsung Galaxy S23 series makes a tremendous entry in the Galaxy World with all its high-end specifications. The device meets all the expectations of Samsung-loving fans. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor makes the phone a powerful device to perform tasks efficiently. And the breathtaking high-definition night photography brings extra charm to users. With its powerful processor, the phone is equipped with high-powered Battery backup.

Several Galaxy S23 Series users recently complained of not charging issues or not fully charged issues on the internet. Some users are also facing the issue of fast charging of the S23 phone. Such a powerful smartphone needs regular backup to perform any task, and the charging problem is something that users cannot bear. Samsung S23 users are frustrated with the situation. In this article, we will understand the reason behind the problem and try to find a fruitful solution.


Finding a Fix For Galaxy S23 Charging Problem:

Galaxy S23 has all high-end features, but this newly introduced device faces a Charging problem. In this super fast-charging smartphone era, having an issue like this can be annoying. Don’t worry; every situation has a solution. The charging problem is not new in the market; there may be various reasons behind not charging or not fully charging phones. Let us discuss those reasons and determine what to do in such a condition.

Look Over Your Charger:

A faulty charger Socket, adapter, or charging chord can cause the issue of not charging your S23. Since most Smartphone companies don’t include a charger in the box, users have to buy the charger separately. There is a possibility that you might have purchased a duplicate charger that may operate at a different voltage. So it is suggested to check your charging unit first.

  • Check for damage to your charging cable and adapter. Once you investigate the accessories and find them okay, try another cable/adapter.
  • Try to charge with the original charger only.

Check for Dirt in your Charging Port:

Sometimes dirt or debris may clog your charging port. In that case, you need to carefully clean the port or give it to handle in a professional hand. Due to dirt or debris charging pin may not be appropriately connected to the contacts causing the issue of S23 not charging.

  • Clean your charger charging port as well as your phone charging port.
  • Do not insert buds or any object to clean; blow using a blower
  • While cleaning the phone charging port, switch off the phone first
  • Clean in a proper light use torch if possible

Device Detect Water & Moisture in Charger/ USB Port:

Samsung has a water resistance protection feature to detect moisture/water in a USB port. It is helpful to prevent the charging port from corrosion. Sometimes, your device doesn’t need to come in contact with water; humid conditions can accumulate water drops in the charging port. Observe the Charger port; if you find any sign of water droplets, wait for an hour; it will evaporate itself or gently clean with a dryer.

If you find no sign of water, recheck the notification. Even after confirming no water, the water icon shows your phone will not charge until it is removed. So follow the steps below to clear the Water icon-

  • Go to your phone Settings
  • Click on the Apps
  • Now click on the Filter to get the System Apps (You can find the system apps in the older device in the three vertical dots option)
  • Enable the Switch of the Show System Apps¬†and Tap on OK
  • Now go to USB Settings
  • There, go to the Storage
  • Then Clear the Data and Cache

Now try to charge your phone again, and Check if the issue is resolved. If not, then try the fixes below.

Test Your Phone with Samsung Member App:

After some observation, if everything looks fine, you can run a test on your Galaxy S23 using Samsung Member App. The app can diagnose a range of hardware; with this, we can also check the Charging Cable and Battery Status. Now the question is, How to run the test? Here follow the steps below-

  • Connect your Charger to the Phone
  • Open Samsung Member App on your phone
  • Tap on SUPPORT/ Diagnostics (in the bottom right corner)
  • Now tap on View Test
  • In the diagnostic panel, tap the Charging Cable first and then check the Battery Status.

If the test is normal and the issue is unresolved, try the following fixes discussed.

Charge over Wireless Charger:

If the Samsung Member App charging Cable test is normal, there is no charging wire problem. But to ensure, you should try charging your Galaxy S23 over a Wireless charger. Place the phone over wireless charger coils to get the maximum possible connection. Also, don’t forget to remove the back case or cover.

You can always try the Qi enable device for wireless power share if you do not have a wireless charger. Notably, some Qi-compatible devices are the S23 series, S22 series, S21 series, S20 series, S10 series, S9 series, S8 series, S7 series, S6 series, and more. Adjust the phone on the back of other Qi to enable the phone to work correctly for the charge.

If the phone charge normally now, then there is a high possibility that your charging chord needs to be changed.

Try a Soft Reboot:

Most of the time, a minor software glitch can be the root cause, so it is preferable to have a soft reboot. So try this step if any charge is left with the phone. It will reset the device temporarily, and the issue can be eliminated. Just in case you want to know How to Soft reboot your phone- Press and Hold the Volume Down and power key together until the device restarts.

Need to check Software Update:

It is advisable to check your software update if such an issue occurs, as some bug issues might prevent your phone from charging. And also, outdated software versions may cause such problems too. However, there is less possibility for Galaxy S23 users, as it was recently launched.

Although Galaxy S23 is a new device, Samsung regularly develops and improves the Software occasionally. Check if there is any software update available or any security patch. If some tech-savvy have notified the bug issue to Samsung Support, they always take that as a priority to solve as soon as possible. And in their minor updates, they fix the bug issues. In case you want to know How to check updates on your device, follow the steps below-

  • Open the settings of your phone.
  • Go to the Software Update section.
  • Now tap on Download and Install

It might take a while to check if there is any update available. Once it’s done and the update is open, you must permit it to install the latest updates.

Try the Safe Mode Option:

In most phone problems, there might be a third-party app causing all these issues. In such a case, you need to run your phone on safe mode. When Safe mode is enabled, the phone runs with the system app, and all third-party app is disabled temporarily. In most guide articles, we suggest viewers try the Safe mode once to check whether a third-party app is troubling the phone. You can find the steps on how to enable Safe mode here.

If none of the above fixes rule out the S23 not charging issue, then there is a possibility your phone has a hardware issue, or you need to replace your battery. In that case, take the help of the Samsung Service Center to fix the problem.

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