Fix: Galaxy S20 Keeps Freezing

Galaxy S20 series users have been facing an unresponsive screen problem recently. Being a high-end device, it is pretty irritating if Samsung S20 Freeze while operating. Let me tell you this is a typical problem, and its solution is also simple. Hardly 10-15 mins will be required if the problem is known.

Samsung community from various regions speaks up about the problem. And it is found that the reason behind Galaxy S20 Keeps Freezing varies from user to user. This article provides the Fixes for the Galaxy S20 Freezing issue.


Galaxy S20 Freeze: Here’s What You Need to Do

No matter how flagship quality is maintained in the phone, it may freeze or become slow for different reasons. Samsung Galaxy S20 Freezing problems may cause by various reasons; here are some of them listed below-

  • Loaded Cache Memory: Galaxy Phone may be loaded with all unwanted cache memory, which might be the cause of the Freezing Screen,
  • Application Bugs: Sometimes, users install apps containing bugs which might lead to an unresponsive screen.
  • Battery Optimization:
  • Software Glitch: Users may face freeze problems if the latest update software has a bug.
  • Hardware Problem: Various hardware issues can also lead to a freezing screen

It’s time for the solution now; we will guide you to troubleshoot the problem individually. This way, we can rule out all the possible issues.

Fix 1: Force Restart your Device

When you find the unresponsive screen first, and straightforward technique to follow is Force Restart. Since your device screen freezes and touch does not respond, this is the only way out. Sometimes full RAM usage can freeze your Galaxy S20 screen; wait for some time; if it does not respond, try to force restart. This way, one can refresh their phone by clearing all temporary caches and resetting the background process. You may follow the steps below to do the force restart-

  1. Find the power key button and Volume down button,
  2. Now press both of them simultaneously and HOLD for a few seconds
  3. Released the button as soon as Samsung LOGO Appeared

This simple reboot process might get rid of the Galaxy S20 Freeze Screen. But if you find that it happens often, then follow the next method.

Fix 2: Clean Cache Partition

If the simple reboot does not affect it, try the wipe cache partition method. The cache holds the temporary files of the device, and wiping it is better if loaded with unwanted data, as this might be the underlying cause of your device. Clearing up the cache will not hamper your data, installed apps data, or software updates. You can follow the steps below to perform the Wipe Cache Partition.

  1. Switch off your Galaxy phone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power Key buttons together,
  3. You will feel a Vibration and then release it
  4. Find the Wipe cache Partition option ( Use the Volume up-down button to navigate the options)
  5. Press the power button to confirm the Wipe cache partition
  6. Once it is done, reboot the system again

Trying the above fix, users usually get rid of the freeze problem of S20. However, if it remains unresolved, you must check for any problematic apps on the phone.

Fix 3: Uninstalled the Problematic apps

Sometimes any third-party application may cause this trouble. You must run your Samsung device in Safe Mode to investigate whether the freezing problem is from a particular app. How to put your phone on safe mode? You can do it in two ways, but the simple version is below.

  1. Press and Hold the Volume Up and Power Key buttons together
  2. Keep holding until you see the “Power off” icon,
  3. Now tap and Hold the Power off icon on the screen until the “Safe Mode” icon appears.
  4. Tap on the “Safe Mode” icon.
  5. Your phone will restart, and you can see the Safe Mode label on your home screen

When you put your phone on safe mode, it simply runs on preinstalled apps. All third-party apps will be disabled. Now if nothing suspicious occurs, it is clear that the third-party app is causing the unresponsive screen. How to exit the safe mode? Follow the steps below-

  1. Press and hold the power key button,
  2. click on the “Restart” icon, and your phone will run on standard mode again.

Try to recall the apps when you use and the screen freeze. If you do not remember, identify the third-party apps individually.

Now, if you need the app and don’t want to uninstall it, you may check whether it is up to date. But if any bug is causing the app to freeze your phone, you can only request the app developer to fix it.

Fix 4: Adjust Battery Optimization Settings

If the issue persists, you can quickly look at the battery optimization settings. Sometimes battery optimization may oppose an app from doing background activity or accessing any resources of your phone. Usually, your phone may freeze when an app requires continuous background processing, and battery optimization aggressively restricts it.

You can turn off battery optimization settings by following the steps below-

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Battery and Device Care Option
  3. Tap the Option key(three dots on the right-most top corner) and go to Advance.
  4. Select Optimize settings option
  5. And turn off the battery optimization

Note: Turning off the Battery optimization option can also drain your battery and impact battery life.

If the freezing issue continues despite all efforts, your Galaxy S20 needs to reset as a last resort. Remember to take a backup before Factory resetting the device. Even after a factory reset, the problem is unresolved. You have no other option than to visit the nearest Samsung Care store. It might be that the phone has a hardware problem.

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