Galaxy Ring Listed in Good Lock App, Launch Likely Nearing

The Galaxy Ring is an upcoming fitness and health-tracking wearable gadget from Samsung, and it might replace smartwatches in many ways. They’re much more compact and easy to wear, serving similar functions.

The mini-teaser of the ring at Galaxy Unpacked shows a bunch of identical-looking sensors in a premium metallic ring. To compete with the Oura ring, we expect a 300$ price tag. We could get some Samsung ecosystem features like Samsung Smart TV access, Smart Home control, and media playback control. Sleep quality and sleep tracking are allegedly the highlights of this product, alongside fitness and health monitoring. The ring will also work independently of your phone.

While initial speculations were that the ring won’t come out in Q1 or Q2 of 2024, new information has surfaced, and the launch seems imminent. The Galaxy Ring is launching sooner than we thought. We have seen many leaks about the possible dimensions of this product before. We will likely get multiple ring sizes to accommodate most of the people. Now, more info has appeared on Reddit and was spotted on Goodlock.

spotted on Goodlock

On the S24+, under battery options, the Galaxy Ring is already listed alongside other products like the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds. This means Samsung is actively working on the product, which could launch soon. We might still get a launch during the Z Fold 6 Galaxy Unpacked event.

22.2mm (Size 13) is the expected maximum size of the Galaxy Ring. The leaks say it will have three color options to choose from and also Pogo Pin charging. While we do not have specific numbers, the Galaxy Ring is supposedly incredibly lightweight for what it can achieve.

Depending on medical approvals and accuracy, the Galaxy Ring might do ECGs, PPG, Atrial Fibrillation tracking, heart rate monitoring, and SPO2. The ring will probably launch with ovulation-tracking features and temperature monitoring, too.

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