Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks online in a new video

Samsung has accidentally leaked the Galaxy Fit 3 several times. Now, there’s an entire video showing the entire design of the Watch. Earlier, the Watch was included on the website accidentally, and you can even find the entire official manual guide online.

Via a post from WigettaGaming on X, there’s a full video that gives you a complete look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. A leak from TheGalox on X also speculates that Samsung will price the Watch at 89$ in Tanzania. However, we do not have any information on the pricing in other regions.

It has a rectangular module, and the display size is quite large. It’s more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. From the video, the bezels appear large and thick. The colors are Black or a very Dark Gray, and the other color looks like Silver with a White wrist strap. The video also shows the new watch faces that will come out with the Galaxy Fit 3.

Galaxy Fit 3 leak

The Galaxy Fit 3 is already available to try on your own in a couple of offline retail stores. That’s where the video comes from. Design-wise, the Watch has a wide, rectangular display. That’ll make reading texts easier.

According to some leaks, the specs are a 1.1″ AMOLED screen (5ATM water resistance). There’s also a heart rate sensor. It can track your heart rate and stress levels, blood oxygen, and general fitness features like counting steps, tracking your exercise, and sleep pattern checking.

We expect the battery capacity to linger around 200mAh, which is 41mAh, up from the previous Galaxy Fit 2. The Watch will mostly have 5W charging. The Watch is just a fitness tracker and doesn’t run wearOS.

As a result, it will not have any third-party apps. It’s not a smartwatch; it’s just a fitness tracker. The Watch will launch soon since it’s already in offline stores. However, we don’t know a proper date.

The UI is still better than before and offers a total redesign. It looks similar to Samsung’s One UI for watch software (based on wearOS). Some claim that this Watch looks like an Apple Watch. It doesn’t look very similar to us since it’s a full rectangular shape with large bezels- different from the bezel-less square of the Apple Watch.

The Watch lacks the notable characteristics like rotating bezels from the more premium Galaxy Watch lineup. However, some might personally prefer the rectangular dial. According to rumors, the Watch will retail for 80$ to 100$, depending on the market. This could sell very well considering what it offers.

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