Galaxy Enhance X App Not Working After One UI 6 Update? Here’s the Fix

Samsung users with premium Galaxy Phones enjoy the Good Lock’s Enhance X module AI-featured one-tap enhancements. Recently, the app received an update in the Galaxy Store to sync with the latest UI Interface. However, Galaxy users, especially S23 lineup users, face issues with the app after the recent One UI 6 update.

What is the issue with the app? As per information shared by the moderator, some of the functions of the Enhance X app are not working correctly after the update. Here are some error phenomena pointed out

  • The app exits while using the noise removal function
  • HEIF high-efficiency compression format photo editing does not work correctly.

Soon, Samsung acknowledged the issue and replied in the Korean community forum. The moderator also discussed a temporary solution for the issue. They mentioned that an improved app version will be released soon to fix the problem.

As a temporary solution, the moderator suggested clearing and deleting the Enhance X App caches, which can heal the phenomenon for some instant. How to do it? Here follow these simple steps-

  • Go to settings
  • Navigate to the Apps sections
  • Find the Enhance X App
  • Go to Storage
  • Tap on Clear Cache.

Enhance X App cache clear

Galaxy Enhance X app justifies the imperfect photo with a refined and quality photo. Its advanced AI enhancements removed all the shadows, reflections, and blur to give a quality output. In addition, it improved the image by featuring the sharpness and brightness of the images. It also provides multiple outputs for video content. The long exposure feature allows the capture of smooth and light-streaked visuals by adjusting the shutter speed.

The latest updated version of the app is V2.0.46 (2023.12.03), which has a size of 155.99 MB. Meanwhile, you can look for any update of the Enhance X App by navigating to the Galaxy store.

Recently, Good Lock modules encountered Bug issues after the update, e.g., Homeup, Camera Assistant, One hand operation+, etc. Samsung has been aware of that and promised to fix it in their latest software update. Hopefully, the Enchance X module also get the update soon. Stay tuned with SamInsider for the latest news.

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