Galaxy Book 5 Pro might have Intel Lunar Lake CPU

The Galaxy Book 4 Pro is a relatively new laptop, just a few months old. It’s one of the best portable laptops you can buy. The Galaxy Book 5 Pro leaks have already begun, and it will apparently have much better CPU and GPU configurations.

According to a leak via X, the Galaxy Book 5 Pro could get the 8-core Intel Lunar Lake CPU and Battlemage GPU. We should see multiple laptops launch with Intel’s Lunar Lake chipsets before Q4 2024.

The model number of the Galaxy Book 5 Pro is Samsung NT940XGK-DSD, which was found in the SiSoftware benchmark database. The Book 4 Pro was already a major leap in CPU and GPU performance thanks to the Meteor Lake chipsets from Intel, and we assume the Book 5 Pro will launch in early 2025.

Samsung NT940XGK-DSD

According to the leak, the 8-core Intel Lunar Lake will carry four performance and four efficiency (low-power) cores, a common CPU cluster. The maximum clock speeds could go as high as 2.8GHz. However, these are still numbers from early testing, and the final speeds of the CPU will get much better as the launch approaches. We’re also waiting for the potential improvements from the Xe2 integrated graphics.

The Lunar Leak processors are designed for efficiency, and they’re meant for thin and light notebooks. This is Intel’s chance to properly compete with Apple’s M series of chipsets regarding power consumption. This could level the battery life between MacBooks and thin Windows ultrabooks.

The next-generation Xe2 graphics (Battleamge graphics) also heavily emphasized overall efficiency. If the rumors hold up, this generation is very good for battery life.

Considering this leak was in March 2024, we can assume Intel’s Lunar Lake project is on time. We can expect launches from other popular laptop makers around the end of 2024. This will give us an idea of how the CPU actually performs. The new generation ARC GPUs are another point of interest with this new generation. If Samsung wants to push the launch early, we might even see the Galaxy Books in December 2024.

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