Galaxy AI Possibly in One UI 6.1.1 Could Live Translate Whatsapp Calls

Samsung introduces the live call translation feature in its Galaxy S24 Series. This was possible only because of the on-device Galaxy AI inclusion to the One UI 6 Skin. Notably, this flagship feature in One UI 6 gained popularity and became important among users. Now, it is going to expand the possibility of using VoIP calling apps.

The Live Call Translate feature gives real-time language translation for normal calls only. It has not yet been implemented on third-party apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Google Meet, Wechat, etc. However, VoIP calls over these apps have now become very common.

However, the recent tweet from Ice Universe gives hope for real-time translation to WhatsApp. In his tweet, the tipster mentioned Galaxy AI will do real-time translation for WhatsApp calls. Further replying in his tweet, the tipster mentioned the other third-party apps, Google Meet & WeChat, with question marks.

Galaxy AI to Live Translate Whatsapp call

Samsung has not officially announced compatibility with this third-party app. But there is no doubt that the Company is expanding Galaxy AI to become more useful in day-to-day life.

Recent Leaks confirm that the Company’s next skin, One UI 6.1.1, brings a lot of new AI-oriented features on board to the S24 series along with others. We can speculate that the next skin will bring the live translation feature along with it.

Since the unpacked event on 10th July, the foldables are going to be announced with the One UI 6.1.1 on top. Therefore, the truth will be revealed pretty soon, including whether or not Whatsapp Live translation is possible. Moreover, WhatsApp recently got the Meta AI assistant feature.

Overall, if the news is confirmed to be true, Galaxy AI will possibly translate calls in real-time for WhatsApp. Soon, other third-party apps will follow the trend, as most people might not use WhatsApp alone.

Any further news regarding the topic will be covered in Saminsder; stay Tuned!!

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