How to Fix a Samsung Phone That’s Stuck in Recovery Mode

Are you Stuck in the recovery mode on your Galaxy phone? If you are afraid to see the recovery mode on your screen, you might have encountered that for the first time. If you cannot find a way out, follow the article to the end.

You are stuck with the Recovery Mode because you probably have long pressed the Volume button and power key together. Or your hardware button may malfunction. However, there are other reasons behind the problem. If you have been updating your phone and it gets interrupted for any reason, it could be stuck in recovery mode. There is a strong possibility that your important system file may be got corrupt.

Another reason for it can be to update your phone with corrupt third-party sources. These reasons are enough to cause such a problem. Now let us find the solution to it and fix the problem.

How to Exit from the Recovery Mode on your Galaxy Device:

Do not worry; we will guide you to fix the issue in this article. If you mistakenly entered the recovery mode and want to escape it, follow the steps below.

Fix 1: Reboot your system

Under normal circumstances, a simple reboot would have worked, similar to how we exit from Safe Mode. Note that if you have any hardware issues with your button, then this step might not work.

  • Navigate with your Volume Up or Down button.
  • Each time you press the button, it will highlight the option shown on the screen.
  • Found the option “Reboot System NOW” or “Power Off.”
  • Now to select the option, use your “Power Key” button
  • It will ask to confirm the action.
  • You must navigate to “YES” and press the power button to confirm.

If you have selected the Power Off option, press the Power key after the phone is Switched Off. At the same time, the Reboot system will now restart your phone.

Reboot your system

Fix 2: Force Restart

This fix is helpful when you are having problems with navigating the option, as you might have frozen in the Recovery screen. Give the Power Key button a long press (Press+Hold) until the screen goes off; if it does not work, Press the Volume Up and Power Key together for a few seconds.

Fix 3: Wipe Cache Partition

After the restart option cannot resolve, the Android recovery screen reappears. Then once try the wipe cache partition option. If you can navigate with the Hardware keys, only you can perform the wipe cache partition option. So make sure it is not a hardware issue. This step will clear all the temporary files and may resolve the issue.

Fix 4: Use ADB Command to restart your phone

Before applying factory reset, you can use the ADB command to restart the phone. However, note that to try this fix, your phone was already enabled the USB debugging option. Without it, you can not communicate with the device from your computer. However, if you are lucky enough to enable the USB Debugging option earlier, then follow the steps below-

NOTE: You need to install ADB on your computer. Download the ANDROID SDK PLATFORM TOOLS from Android Developer Website.

  • Connect your phone to the computer using USB Cable
  • Open the command prompt and change the directory to the path or location of the ADB executable file where you extracted and installed it. To change the directory, type “cd” and the path of the folder location
  • After you change the directory, type the following code.
adb devices
  • If your device serial number shows up, it indicates that your device’s USB Debudding is enabled. Now type the following command-
adb reboot

It will reboot your device, and hopefully, the issue got resolved.

Fix 5: Wipe Data and Factory RESET

Even after the reboot, the recovery mode screen shows up then you need to perform a factory reset on your device. This is an unwilling option as it will clear all the phone data. So make sure you want to use the option. As you know how to navigate through the developer mode options, follow the steps below-

  • Navigate to the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option
  • Confirm the action by pressing the power key.

Hopefully, the issue got resolved. However, you can use the third-party tool if facing an unresponsive Android Recovery screen. Since these are not official tools, we do not promote using them. Therefore use it at your own risk. Although, seeking help from Samsung Customer Care Service would be more advisable.

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