How to Fix a Samsung Phone That Has No Sound

Are you experiencing low sound on your Samsung Galaxy Device? What to do if a Samsung phone speaker has no sound at all? All these questions will be answered, and try to find a suitable solution in this article. However, it will be more of a quick checking of a few settings rather than a proper fix.

Generally, if a working phone encounters such a sound issue, it may be due to the speaker not working correctly or a setting arrangement mistake. Another reason may be the obsolete software update. But if you are facing such an issue with your new phone, it certainly is a little worrying. If there is a hardware issue, it is better to seek help from Samsung Customer Care Support.

No Sound on my Samsung Phone: What to do?

In this article, we are not discussing the Sound issue while conversing over the phone. This sound problem occurs primarily due to network issues; therefore, contact the service carrier provider. If you only have such an issue while making a call, check out the network issue fixing guide. However, you can try the fixes explained below if it is not due to network issues.

First, let us find out the reason behind the low or no sound on your Samsung phone. Here are a few points you need to give a quick check on your mobile.

  • If your phone Volume is muted accidentally, press the volume key to set it to maximum level.
  • Over a period of time, the working phone microphone speaker may get clogged due to dirt and dust. This can obstruct the sound. In such cases, clean the microphone speaker gently with a toothbrush or cleaning brush.
  • Your phone may be connected to any Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth Headphones, or Bluetooth earbuds. So check if Bluetooth is enabled on your device.
  • Look for any obstruction on your phone receiver and microphone. Generally, the wrong model case cover can cause blockage of the phone microphone speaker. Moreover, a new phone may mainly have a screen protective film on the air vent hole. These could potentially obstruct the phone from producing any sound. Sometimes, the protective films may located near the camera lens.
Protective film on Samsung PHONE
Credit: Samsung

5 Ways to Fix “No Sound Issue on the Samsung Phone”

After a proper analysis, other aspects must be tried if everything is fine. Try the fixes explained below to Eliminate the no-sound issue on the Samsung phone. Of course, first, we will try simple fixes, and if that does not work, we will proceed further to more complex steps.

Fix 1: Update your phone software

Believe it or not, you can face no sound issues on your Samsung device due to a software glitch. Mainly, it occurs due to running the phone on an old software version. So check if your phone is up to date or not. Quickly navigate to your settings>Software Updates> Download and Install. Rest, follow the instructions, and install the updates if available.

If possible, enable the “Download Update Automatically” always. This way, if any new update is available, it will download automatically. Updated software gets bug fixes for minor problems that your phone might suffer.

Fix 2: Run a diagnostic test on the Samsung Member App

Samsung phone has an app in the Galaxy store to diagnose your phone hardware accessories. This includes the speaker of the phone, too. Follow the steps below to run a test on your phone speaker health-

  • Install and download the Samsung Member App from the Galaxy Store
  • Open the Samsung Member APP
  • Tap on Support
  • Click on View TEST
  • Now tap on Speaker or Sounds/ Vibration and Start the Test
Steps to run Diagnostic test Samsung Member App

Send a feedback report through the Samsung member app if any error is found. This way, you can at least rest assured if the speaker is working fine or not.

Fix 3: Check the phone’s “Mute All Sound” Status

“Mute All sound” is a feature available on most Samsung phones. Your phone sound will be turned off, including sound for Media, Alerts, calls, etc. Therefore, if the feature is ON, you can face the no sound issue on your Samsung Phone. Follow the steps below to TURN Off the feature-

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Accessibility
  • Click on Hearing or Hearing Enhancement
  • Look for the “MUTE All Sound” Option
  • Disable it

Fix 4: Try a Softreboot

A soft reboot can solve such sound issues on Samsung phones. Performing a restart clears out all the temporary system glitches, restoring the Sound Functionality to normal. Press the power button and perform a soft reboot to eliminate the sound issue. In some models, the power button can open Bixby; therefore, in such a model, slide down the notification bar two times and tap on the power icon above the quick setting panel.

Fix 5: Run the device on SAFE Mode

Running the phone on Safe Mode is like using the phone in the initial stage with system apps only. All the third-party apps will be disabled, and only the System app will run. So observe if the sound comes back to a normal state now. If it does, then there is a third-party app causing the problem.

Although most of the Google Play Store apps support Samsung Phones, any third-party application installed from an outsource can contain malicious files that could hamper the speaker or microphone. In such a case, you must identify and uninstall the app.

To enable the Safe Mode, follow the steps below-

  • Press & hold the Power Key.
  • Tap on the Power Off ICON for a while
  • Safe Mode Icon will appear
  • Tap to enable the Safe mode.

Even with all the fixes, try performing a factory reset as a last resort if the issue persists. This will restore the phone to its initial state. Note that a Factory reset can wipe all the data on the phone storage, so you should take a backup before resetting.

Test your Samsung phone now if the sound is back. I hope the sound issue has been resolved after all the effort. Visit the nearest Samsung Service Center if the problem has not been resolved. You can also schedule a service a repair service online.

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