How to Fix a Samsung Phone That’s Frozen

Are you searching for a solution on how to unfreeze your device?? Mobile devices sometime act weird and get stuck every minute. It’s annoying if you often have an unresponsive screen. In this fast-moving world, your charging speed improved; however, your mobile got frozen.

A lot of reasons may be behind this frozen screen issue. However, it is primarily because of outdated software versions, occupied memory & storage spaces, third-party apps, etc. However, it can be any unfortunate hardware issue. Don’t worry; apply the fixes discussed in Saminsider and remove the unresponsive screen.

Get Rid of Samsung Phone Freezing Issue:

Depending on the type of freezing pattern, the fixes may be different. Unresponsive screens, such as black screens and phone restarts, may be due to a battery issue. Or your phone gets stuck for a while and works fine for another moment, and getting stuck again is most likely a memory issue. Samsung phone get freeze while opening specific apps is likely a malicious third-party app. So you see that the treatment differs depending on how it gets frozen. Now let’s see how to fix your phone!

Force Restart your Samsung Phone

The primary step for such a freezing problem is to restart your phone. Performing a force restart is the only option if you are stuck, as you cannot perform any other fixes unless the screen becomes responsive. If your screen is stuck for a while and usually works again, you can skip restarting. However, the phone stuck issue mostly got resolved after force restart. In case you want to know how you can force restart your phone follow the steps below-

  • Press the Volume Down and Power Key together.
  • At least for a minimum of 7 sec
  • Release the button as soon as you feel the vibration

Check for Software Updates

Once you make your screen responsive, quickly check the software update. If your Software update is set on manual mode, your Software may require the latest update. Obsolete Software can hamper the device’s performance and result in frozen issues. To find the software updates follow the steps shared below-

  • Go to Settings
  • Look for the Software Updates
  • Tap on the Download updates

It will check for any latest updates. If any update is available, download and install it without further delay.

Free Up spaces for the device

If you still face the unresponsive screen, it might be due to insufficient memory and storage. Low memory and storage can hinder the device’s application to perform. You can optimize the storage to clear all the unwanted files. Here is how you can check how much your device storage is available-

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on Battery and Device Care
  • Press the Optimize Now Button
  • Now you can see the Storage and Memory Usage. If it is still full, you can move further.

  • Tap on the “Memory”
  • Click on Clear Now

If your storage is full, you can uninstall the unused app and clear the trash-occupied space. Even though, if the device becomes unresponsive often, you must clear the phone cache partition. Here are the steps to clear the cache partition-

  • Press & Hold the Volume Up and Power Key buttons for a while
  • Release the button when the Samsung logo appears
  • Android Recovery Screen will appear
  • Now using the Volume Up/ Down button, navigate to the “Wipe Cache Partition” option.
  • Press the Power Key to select the option
  • It might take a moment to restart your device.

Reboot your system

Run the device on SAFE Mode:

Sometimes freeze issues can be created by malicious Third-party apps. To identify such an app, you can run your phone on SAFE Mode and diagnose whether the problem occurs again or not. If the issue got resolved in safe mode, it indicates that a third-party app caused the unresponsive screen issue. In case you want to know to enable safe mode, here are the steps-

  • Press the Power Key for a while (in some cases, you need to press the Volume Down key and power key together, or lately, the new device got Power Icon  by swiping twice the Quick Tool panel )
  • Three Icon will appear as shown below-

  • Press and Hold the Power off Icon until the Safe Mode icon appear
  • Tap on it to enable safe mode

Now observe the phone if it gets stuck. If it does, then the problem is due to a system. If the issue was resolved, your problem is due to the third-party app. Now recall the recent app you installed on your device and Uninstall it. To exit the safe mode, restart your phone.

Request Service:

You can perform a factory reset if none of the above methods works. To perform a factory reset, use the same steps as wiping the cache partition. However, this time select the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset Option. But before that, backup your data online or on SD Card. Hopefully, after Factory reset your Samsung device Freezing screen issue got resolved.

Even after all this effort, the device faces the same issue; your device might suffer from a damaged battery or hardware issue. In such a case, visiting the nearest Samsung Service Center is advisable. You can also schedule a service a repair service online.

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