How to Fix a Samsung Phone That’s Dropped in Water

Often, we face the situation of water drops getting into the Samsung Phone. Whether you accidentally drop your phone on water or due to bad weather, your phone gets wet. It does not matter how, but when your phone is wet, the safety measures you take in the first few hours are crucial. If you neglect it, the water droplets get inside and can do potential damage or corrode your device.

Samsung has improved its Galaxy device to be more dustproof and waterproof, increasing the rating to IP68. However, the IP68 rating devices can protect your phone by making waterproofing at a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. It is clear to take care of your Wet Samsung device immediately.

NOTE: You can check your Samsung phone’s IP rating to rest assured of the damage. The first digit represents the dustproof grade (0-6), and the second digit represents the waterproof grade (0-8). Generally, a waterproof rating of 4 or higher is classified as water-resistant.

What to do If your Samsung Phone gets wet?

Not all Samsung devices got the IP68 ratings. Let us now understand the safety precautions you must take to avoid potential hazards. You can follow the steps below as a standard operating procedure-

  1. First, you need to Switch off or Power off your Samsung Device. This necessary step will help you save your internal mainboard from heating. Remove the case cover, SIM, and battery in case of a removable battery phone.
  2.  If your device is exposed to Saltwater ( Ocean water), wash it gently with fresh water to remove the debris and effect of saltwater. Otherwise, you can have accumulated salt after dring the device.
  3. Now, carefully dry your device with the help of a clean and dry cloth or towel. Wipe the moisture properly, especially in areas like the Charging port, Audio Jack, microphone, speaker, etc. Cotton buds can gently reach the corner areas for better cleaning.
  4. Do not power on the device unless you are confident about the dryness. Wait and dry the phone, gently blowing cool air with the help of a Fan. Using a hair dryer can worsen things as it blows hot air.
  5. Use silica gel packets for better phone dryness for at least 24 hours if possible.
Clean Samsung Device that drop in water
Credit: Samsung

Before using the phone, observe physically and ensure that the device is completely dry. You can also inspect for liquid damage on your device by checking the LDI. Samsung has a Liquid Damage Indicator to say if the battery is working fine. LDI can be found on the removable battery or under the SIM Card Slot tray.

If the LDI color is white or white with visible purple or pink, it indicates that your device has not been exposed to moisture. Due to exposure long in water or moisture, the device indicator may turn Solid pink, red, or purple, showing that the device is exposed to water. For more information on LDI, visit here.

LDI position is Samsung Phone
Credit: Samsung

What to do if the Water Drop Icon shows?

Most of the users have trouble charging the phone after drying it. Galaxy phones with an IP68 rating have a moisture detection feature preventing the phone from charging, indicating a water drop icon. Follow the steps below to clear the Water Drop Icon-

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Go to filter and show the system apps
  • Now Go to USB settings
  • Tap on Storage
  • Clear the cache and data

Water Drop Icon

List of Samsung Devices with IP rating:

The following phones and tablets carry an IP68 rating:

  • Galaxy S23 Series, Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S21 5G series and S21FE, Galaxy S20 5G series and S20FE, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S8 Series
  • Galaxy Note9, including the S Pen
  • XCover6 Pro
  • Galaxy Note20 5G and Note20 Ultra 5G, including the S Pen
  • Galaxy Note10, Note10+, and Note10+ 5G, including the S Pen
  • Galaxy Note8, including the S Pen
  • Galaxy S7 Series, Galaxy S9, S9+, and S9 Active, Galaxy S6 Active
  • Galaxy Tab S9, S9+, and S9 Ultra

The following phones carry an IP67 rating:

  • S5 Active
  • A52 5G, A53 5G, and A54 5G

The following phones carry an IPX8 rating:

  • Z Fold3, Z Fold 4, and Z Fold5
  • Z Flip3, Z Flip4, and Z Flip5

We hope the article helps you with the information on what to do when the Samsung Phone gets wet. Let us know if you have further queries.

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