How to Fix a Samsung Phone That Has a Broken Screen

There are circumstances when your Samsung phone screen breaks. And working with a broken screen is not an option for most users. Therefore, you need to change the screen with the original one. Samsung phone warranty, however, does not cover the Mobile screen accidental damage. If you have a registered mobile screen insurance program like T-Mobile’s Protection 360, you can rest assured it will cover the damage.

However, what you seek is genuine spare parts for your phone. What about fixing the screen with a genuine part on your end? But now the question is, Who will Guide you? How would it sound if I said Samsung Can Help with the Original Spare parts at a reasonable price and provide you with guidance? If you want to repair your device independently, then only try this. Otherwise, you can always repair it through Samsung Service Care.

Samsung Electronics is committed to its promise of minimizing the e-waste, and one of the beautiful examples is the Self-repair program. The company is well aware of the fact that e-waste is increasing day by day. Now, Samsung users do not need to abandon their phones or visit repair stores. If your phone screen got scratched, spiked, or broken, you can repair it yourself.

Samsung Electronics America started a joint venture with iFixit in 2022 to start a self-repair program for its users. The program not only minimizes the e-waste but also promotes the circular economy in the program’s initial launch.

Fix Samsung Phone under the Self-Repair Program:

I hope you are excited to know more about the Self-Repair program. Samsung, in collaboration with iFixit (one of the leading Online repair communities), announced to run the self-repair program for sustainable solutions for e-waste. Samsung’s most popular mobile series, like the S20 lineup, S21 lineup, and more, are included in the program along with the Tablete Genre.

Initially, it was limited to the USA; however, it has expanded the service to many countries. Also, the number of Samsung models is included in the program. As an initial repair part, it has the genuine screen, back glass, and charging port for the Galaxy Tab S7+ in the portal; however, later on, they added more to the list. Check the FAQ below for more details.

How do I get the Genuine Samsung Screen?

Samsung with iFixit has a platform for users to buy accessories for selected mobile phones and the Fix Kit. Here are the steps on how you can Buy the products-

  • Visit the Samsung or iFixit Website for self-repair. (Visiting the Samsung website will redirect to the iFixit website; continue with that.)
  • Once you reach the iFixit Website, Scroll down and Tap on the device you want to Repair.
  • You will get all the parts options as shown below-
Screenshoot of Galaxy S20 Parts in iFixit
Credit: iFixit
  • Tap on view to get more details.
  • Now, you can either buy the spare parts or a fix kit. You can also choose the color of your back glass, screen, etc.
  • Tap on Add to Cart to buy the product
  • Check out by adding all the details

Once you receive the parts and kit, you can repair your phone. For guidance, you can find all the video tutorials at the bottom of the purchased items, as shown below.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Screen replacement guide on IFIXIT
Credit: iFixit

NOTE: Please follow the guidance first before repairing it by yourself. You can repair your screen at the Samsung Service Center anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Find your answer below in the FAQ section. Feel free to comment us below for more information.

Is there any List of Models available for the Self-Repair Program? 

Yes. Below is the list of Samsung models available in the USA for the Self-repairing program-

  • Phones: Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra
  • Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
  • Laptops: Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 15

Does my Country have a Samsung Self-Repairing Program? 

Found where the program is available- USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. As mentioned above, not all Samsung phones, tab, or laptops are included in the repair program.

What are the Genuine Parts we can repair under this program?

The main focus is repairing accessories like screens, batteries, Back Glass, and Charging ports for tablets and phones. In the case of a Laptop, you can replace the screen, battery, touchpad, Case front, case rear, Fingerprint power key, rubber foot Top Bottom, etc.

Is there any guidance for the repair?

Yes, Samsung and IFIXIT support users who want to fix their phones in their own hands. Step-by-step processes with images and videos are made available. For every purchase, you will find a replacement guide at the end. You can find all the repair guides in iFixit easily. Just select your device.

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