Fix: ESIM Not Working On Galaxy S23

Samsung’s latest S23 series allows us to use both physical SIM cards and E-SIM cards. E-SIMs behave the same as physical ones, but you don’t have to manually insert one into the phone. Unfortunately, many reports say the E-SIM isn’t working correctly on the S23. It either says no phone number has been assigned or the SIM is not recognized.

There are system issues with the SIM manager. If you have any such with E-SIM on your S23, this article will help you solve the problem. These fixes apply to the entire S23 lineup, not just the base S23.


How to Fix ESIM not working on Galaxy S23?

Fix 1: Delete the cache partition

  1. Power off your phone using the Power Button or shut it down from Settings.
  2. Connect it to a computer with a USB-C Cable, or connect a dongle to cover up the USB-C port.
  3. Press the volume up button and the power key until you see the Android logo.
  4. Release all three keys.
  5. You will see a message that says “Installing system update” for about a minute. Then, you will see the Android recovery options appear.
  6. Navigate using the volume keys and select Wipe Cache Partition. Highlight yes, and click the power button to confirm your action.
  7. Select Reboot System Now once done. Press the power button to restart the phone. Now, check if your ESIM problem is fixed,

Fix 2: Set up the ESIM again

  1. Open the Settings app and head to the Connections menu. Go to SIM Card Manager.
  2. Select your ESIM from the list, and hit Remove. Confirm the removal of ESIM.
  3. Contact your SIM carrier and ask them to re-send you the ESIM Setup QR Code or number.
  4. Again, go to Settings, Connections, and SIM Card Manager.
  5. You’ll see an option that says Add Mobile Plan. Scan the carrier QR Code, and complete the process.

Fix 3: Reset network settings

  1. Open the Settings app and go to General Management. Here, you’ll find the Reset option.
  2. In this submenu, tap on Reset Network Settings. Tap on Reset Settings- Reset.
  3. This will remove the ESIM from your device altogether, so you have to follow the steps in Fix 2 to set it up again.

Fix 4: Factory data reset

  1. Open the Settings app, and go to the General Management submenu.
  2. Tap on the Reset submenu, and tap on Factory Data Reset. Here, tap on Reset and then Reset all.
  3. Confirm with the Delete All button. Note that you will lose all your data with this method and must set everything up from scratch.
  4. Now, enable the ESIM again by contacting your carrier for the QR Code. Check if this fixes your problems with the ESIM.

Fix 5: Re-flash your firmware using ODIN

  1. Download the relevant Samsung USB drivers.
  2. Install the Odin ZIP File for your PC, and extract it to a convenient location on your PC.
  3. Download the latest version of the Frija tool and get your Samsung device’s model number and CSC number.
  4. Download the stock firmware ROM using the Frija tool. Now, extract the Samsung stock firmware.
  5. Boot your Samsung device to download mode.
  6. Connect your device to a PC via a USB Cable and upload the BL File.
  7. Then, upload the AP, CP, and, finally, the CSC file.
  8. Load all four files, and click on start flash.
  9. If done, it will show you a pass message.

Fix 6: Contact Samsung Support and visit a service center

If none of the above methods worked, it’s probably an unfortunate hardware issue with your unit. Contact the service center, and find out which hardware issue it is. You might be charged a fee for a replacement if it’s not covered under warranty.

Commonly, it’s a problem with a component holder internally. Either that or the internal flex components need replacement. In rare cases, the entire main board needs to be replaced.

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