How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Samsung Phone

Have you lost your Samsung Phone? Or somebody has stolen your Samsung Phone or tablet. No need to panic! This article will discuss helpful information to help you regain your device. A phone is probably the most precious device in today’s world. Perhaps the most essential device compared to any other. And when it gets lost or stolen, worrying is necessary.

Once you lose your phone or it gets stolen, your digital wallet and privacy may jeopardized if preventive measures (PIN or fingerprint security) are not taken. While all the worrying is not just about money, it’s more about personal attachment and privacy.

Now the Big Question Mark is- How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Samsung Phone? Can you get it back? Well, you should neither have high hopes nor zero! If you lose your phone, it must have good battery status until you find it. Or else cross your finger if it is stolen, it was not switched off, or tracking was not disabled. There are a few tips you can follow in such a situation. But a couple of things need to be kept in mind if you are looking for your phone-

  1. First of all, report to the local police if it was stolen
  2. Under the authorized law agency, you can track your mobile using the IMEI number.
  3. To track yourself, you need to have the following requirements already set-
    • You must have a registered Samsung Account
    • You must have Sign in Google Account
    • The “Find my mobile” service must be enabled (To track the phone remotely, it must be enabled).
    • Your phone needs to be in ON State, with proper connectivity for tracking purposes.
    • To track offline, you must have enabled the functions

How to get back Stolen or Lost Samsung Phone:

In this digital world, everything is on your smartphone — essential and personal documents to your digital wallet. Without your phone, you cannot probably step out of your home. And the situation got frustrating when you suddenly lost your phone. There is a fear of leaking privacy or stealing information (like your Samsung wallet, social media accounts, etc.) from it.

The good thing is you are using the Samsung Brand. The company is keenly interested in this topic and emphasizes protecting its phones from theft or loss. Therefore, the company suggests users create a Samsung Account, which can be handy under such circumstances. If you have just purchased your phone, then make one!

Benefits of Having a Samsung Account for Samsung Users:

Using a Samsung Account gives you multiple advantages, as mentioned below-

  • It keeps your Samsung App Synchronised.
  • You can Gain access to Samsung Pay.
  • You can use Find My Mobile Options, where all the functions are available to find the device.
  • Remotely unlock the device when you forget the security credentials.
  • Remotely lock your device.
  • You can back up data in Samsung Cloud, which gives free 15 GB storage.

Very well, let’s come to the topic again! Most Galaxy devices have the SmathThings App inbuild. There, you can find the Smart Things Find feature to locate exactly where your device is. Provided you set up all the requirements for the SmartThings Find feature to be useful. With the Smart Things Finding features, you can perform various actions remotely if your phone is lost or misplaced.

Now, don’t worry if you have not signed in with the Samsung Account, but then you must remember your Google Account credentials. All Android phones can be traced back using Google’s “Find My Phone” app. However, Google has fewer features to locate the phone than Samsung’s finding features. We will see that very soon enough!

Use SmartThings Find Feature to locate your lost phone:

The advantage of using the SmartThings Find feature is that you can not only locate and track the Galaxy phone but also lock, unlock, ring the mobile, or wipe the data entirely and a lot more. The SmartThings Find feature is available in the SmartThings App. With it, you can also share information with other Galaxy users to track your phone. Other devices, like Tablets, smartwatches, earbuds, etc., can also be traced with the SmartThings Find.

SmartThings Find Website Interface
Credit: Samsung

How to use SmartThings App to find your phone:

Ensure you have all the requirements to find the mobile, like the Samsung Account ID and password. As said earlier, you must be enabled and allow the Find My Mobile options. And most importantly, it will be wonderful if the device is turned ON. Otherwise, you may have to find it in offline mode; of course, in this case, you may have allowed the Offline tracking option. Follow the steps below to find your Samsung Phone-

  1. Open Google Chrome on a desktop or any other mobile and visit the Smart Things Find Website (LINK)
  2. Press the Sign in Button
  3. Now you need to enter the registered Samsung Account Credentials (Registered phone No or ID of your lost phone)
  4. Tap on NEXT
  5. Enter the Passwords and tap on Sign in.
  6. Read the terms and Conditions and Click on Agree.
  7. Select the device you are looking for. (Your Samsung Account may be used on more than one device.)
  8. That’s it! The device will be shown on the computer screen with the exact location on the map, and the Phone Battery and Network connectivity Status will be shown.

NOTE: There are circumstances when people forget their Samsung Account ID and Password. Follow this link to learn more about how you can retrieve your Samsung ID and Password if forgotten. However, another option is to sign in, i.e., using your Google account credentials.

Samsung SmartThings Find Interface After Signing In
Credit: Samsung

Things you can Do with SmartThings Find Features:

Now that you sign in, it’s time to perform the following task remotely from the Samsung SmartThings Find website. Along with these specific functions, you can have numerous features explained below.

Ring your Phone:

Sometimes, we forget where we kept the phone at home. Or, while playing or running, you lose your phone in the field. With the Ring function, you can ring your Samsung Phone at the maximum volume for up to one minute. Whether you have put your phone on silent/mute or vibrate mode, it will ring at full volume. Cool way! To get back the phone if it is nearby.

Track Location of your phone:

This option is handy when you think you have left your phone in a cab or on the bus. Or, in the scenario, it is stolen, and the thief is moving. Tapping the Track location will update you on the current location every 15 minutes for 12 hours. Warning!! Do not try to visit alone if you locate the phone; inform the police or call 911 and share the last location.

Lock and Unlock your phone:

Samsung included the lock and unlock features. But both serve different purposes!

When you accidentally forget your mobile pattern, PIN, or fingerprint sensor is not working, the Unlock feature helps you bypass Security. But using this feature will delete all the save security protections, although you can add a new PIN or Password later. Follow the image below for more information!

How to Unlock Samsung Phone using SmartThings Find
Credit: Samsung

The LOCK function comes in handy when the mobile is lost or stolen. You can lock it remotely in SmartThings Find Lock features by setting a password so the thief or the person who gets the mobile cannot access your personal data.

Moreover, Samsung provides an additional feature in SmartThings Find with the LOCK functions, i.e., prevent your phone from being switched off. Another extraordinary feature! Because of this, your phone will stay awake until you find it. As you know, finding the phone online rather than offline is quite simple.

You can also set up emergency contact numbers or write a note to appear on the screen. If any kind-hearted person finds your phone, he or she can contact you and return it. The emergency contact number can be dialed with the locked screen. Moreover, if the SIM card has been changed, this number can be used to send messages of that. With the lock features, you can temporarily suspend the card linked to Samsung Wallet.

Samsung SmartThing Find LOCKED Features
Credit: Samsung

Retrieve Calls/Messages:

Useful features to get information on calls and messages on your phone. You can get the history of 50 recent calls and messages. Alternatively, an additional charge may apply to retrieve the recent calls and messages list. The details will be available with the time and date of the call and messages. This could help the police to inquire with the person and know who has your phone.

Samsung Smarthings Find Retrieve Calls SMS interface
Credit: Samsung

Erase and Back up Data:

When you think you cannot retrieve your phone, try the nuclear Options to erase the data from your Samsung Phone. Note that this will entirely factory reset your mobile. Therefore, things in the phone and SD card that are not backed up will be deleted. Even the Samsung Account will be deleted, and you can no longer locate your phone. Therefore, use this option as a last resort.

Follow these steps to erase the data remotely-

  • On the function panel in the SmartThings Find website, Tap the Erase Icon
  • Now read the instructions and Tap the Erase button to erase the data
  • Enter the Samsung Password
  • Press OK

NOTE: If the device is offline, it will erase the data once it is online. If you cannot erase the data, you must change the password to prevent unauthorized access. Samsung Account will automatically log out from every device it was signed in. After entering the Samsung credential, it may be asked for Google account details during the reset event. It is an extra layer of protection set as a default.

However, Samsung also provides a beautiful solution to back up your phone remotely. While you sign in to the Samsung Account, you already get 15 GB of free storage in the cloud. The storage can be increased, but you have to pay for that. Therefore, you can back the content and data from your mobile to the Samsung Cloud. When you buy a new one, restore the data from the Samsung Account again.

Extend Battery Life:

The EXTEND Battery Life option lets you control the settings remotely to change the maximum power-saving mode. Extending the battery life will give you extra time to locate your phone. It also shows you the battery’s estimated remaining time.

However, in this mode, your mobile cannot back up the data on Samsung could. Also, not essential features are turned off to save battery power, including Bluetooth, mobile data, and Wi-Fi connections. This means using the function, you have to locate the phone Offline.

Samsung Extend Battery Life Features in SmartThing FInd
Credit: Samsung

Set Guardians:

Whenever you are in a situation where you cannot find your phone, you can use the guardians to locate it. You can register a trusted person and set up as a Guardian who can remotely locate your phone. The guardian can control the following particular functions-

  • Locate your phone
  • Ring your Phone
  • Extend your phone battery life
  • Turn on the Emergency mode. While in Emergency mode, your device will be set to battery-saving mode with limited functionality.

Looking at the privacy, it was limited to the above functions only. Follow the steps below to set and remove a Guardian for your phone.

  • Tap the Set Guardians icon.
  • Now read the instructions and tap on the Agree button
  • Click on Add New Guardian
  • Enter your chosen guardian’s Email details and Samsung Account, then click Verify.
  • Confirm it and press OK
  • Assign the duration or set is as always
  • Finally, press the SET button

NOTE: You can remove the guardian whenever you want; for that, simply press the “Trash Bin” icon on the right-hand side of the guardian. It will remove the guardian. You can also edit the Guardian details.

Use Google’s Find My Device Option:

Unlike Samsung SmartThings Find, Google’s Find My Device has limited yet helpful options. It becomes pretty important if you forget the Samsung Account or do not have created one before the lost or stolen event. Most users use the Android Platform and have a Gmail account, so they can find it using Google’s finding service.

Most of the implementations are the same as Samsung’s SmartThings Find. A user can use the following features with Google’s Find MY Device.

  • Play Sound or Ring: It is similar to the Samsung SmartThings Find. The only difference is it can ring for 5 minutes even if the phone is in Silent or vibrate mode.
  • Secure Device: In this process, your screen will be locked, and your Gmail account will be signed out. So, no worry if you don’t have a PIN or Password security. You can also write down any message and phone number to display on the screen. So that anyone who finds out the phone can contact you. Even if it is in locked mode, you can track the phone.
  • Erase Data: As mentioned above in Samsung, you can perform a similar task to erase the data as a last resort here. And all the data in the phone, including the SD Card, will be deleted. However, you cannot back up the content like Samsung Smart Things Find.

How to locate my phone with Google’s Find My Device:

  • First, get another phone or use your desktop; visit Google’s Find My Device website (Link ).
  • Now, you have to sign in with the Gmail account credentials. In case of using a friend’s phone, sign in as a guest.
  • Now select the device you want to look for,
  • It automatically shows your phone in Google Maps and the last seen location.
  • That’s it. You can perform the above functions: ring, secure, and erase for further actions.

NOTE: You can have the information of the Phone IMEI number, first register date, and last seen details by tapping the “i” button on the left-hand side panel. However, it does not show the exact location until the GPS is turned ON. This is a disadvantage as you cannot predict where it might be now. Moreover, it will not show the battery status or network connectivity if it is not connected to the internet.

How to Find your Samsung Phone in Offline Mode?

So far, we have discussed how your phone can be traced back while connected to any network. But Is there a possibility to find a phone in offline mode? You can find the Samsung Phone offline, provided you have enabled offline tracking in the “Find My Mobile” settings. Note that offline finding features can only be enjoyed by Samsung Users supporting at least Android 8 or later versions. Scroll down to learn more about the Find My Mobile service setup.

Samsung includes offline finding features in SmartThings Find for users’ convenience. To find the phone offline, Samsung built the features to produce a signal after being offline for 30 minutes. The nearby device can receive this signal and share the information in the Samsung Cloud to locate your phone. Moreover, the feature allows you to encrypt the device’s offline location; therefore, only you can access it.

How to enable the feature Find My Mobile (Offline Finding)?

Following are the steps to activate the Find My Mobile feature. But note that you must already have signed in with the Samsung Account to activate this feature.

Steps for the phone less than Android 8- 

  • Navigate to your Settings
  • Tap on the Security and privacy (It may be as Biometrics & Security)
  • Click on the Find My Mobile Tab
  • If not, sign in with Samsung Account Sign, then add the account
  • Then tap Enabled the Remote Controls, Google Location service, and Send Last Location.
Samsung Find My Phone Activation Steps
Credit: Samsung


Steps for the phone having at least Android 8 or later versions- 

  • Navigate to your Settings
  • Tap on the Samsung Account
  • Click on the Find My Mobile Tab
  • Tap the switches to enable the Remote Controls and Offline Finding features.
Steps for phone atleast Android 8 or later version Offline Finding
Credit: Samsung

You need to tap the Offline Finding Tab, not the switches, to enable the Encrypt offline location. It will show the Encrypt offline location feature. There, you enable it and set a 6-digit PIN. You need to confirm it again, and that’s it!

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Hopefully, this article will help you with the information on what to do if you lose your Samsung phone. And a pretty good comparison of Samsung’s SmartThings Find Feature and Google’s Find My Device facilities. If it does, then share it with your friends and colleagues. Remember that preventive measures are always better than regretting later. Do it NOW! Since lost items are not on the list of warranty policy.

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