How to Fix Channels Not Showing Up on Samsung TV

If you own a Samsung TV and cannot find a specific free Channel on the list, this article will discuss the troubleshooting method. Usually, such trouble occurs when your TV setup is in a new location or you have changed the broadcast signal.

However, observe if the problem is with the TV or your service provider. You must contact your service provider if there is any ongoing signal construction in any nearby area or if your broadcasting signals are weak.

Depending on your connection, the troubleshooting method will vary. The first and most prior step is to reset your device. If you use the antenna to watch TV, disconnect the coaxial cable from the socket and reconnect it to reset. If you are having trouble with the Samsung TV Plus app, try the fixes explained in this article.

Ways to Fix the Channel not showing issue in Samsung TV:

A simple solution to such a problem is resetting your TV and STB. To reset your TV and Set Top Box, you must power off the device and unplug it. After a moment, plug in again. And observe if the issue occurs.

This article will discuss the fixes for those using Antenna or DTH STB devices or other similar sources. Check out our other articles if you use only internet connectivity to watch TV.

Fix 1: Software Update

Those with Samsung Smart TVs facing such issues can check for software updates. Any corrupt and obsolete files may cause such trouble. In case you want to know how to check for Samsung TV Update, follow the steps below-

  • Press the Home button on your remote
  • Select Settings
  • Now Select Support
  • Go to Software Update
  • Select Update Now
  • Then Select OK

Software Update

Fix 2: Use of AUTO Tune Function

Auto Tuning is useful when you use a Cable or Antenna source of connection. Follow the steps below to perform the AUTO tune on your TV-

  • On your Remote, Press the HOME button
  • Navigate to the MENU
  • Select Settings, then All Settings
  • Go to Broadcasting Section
  • Then select Auto-Tune option

Now the Channel will tune itself and proceed until it finishes auto tunning. However, the number of channels may vary depending on the region.

Auto Tuning

Fix 3: Change your Connected Device to a TV

If you use a set-top box or external sources, you must change the device settings to TV. You can watch regular Broadcasting when the Source is set to TV. When your TV is connected to a cable or satellite box, Broadcasting is not accessible. Follow the steps below-

  • Again press the HOME button on your remote
  • Navigate to MENU
  • Select Connected Devices
  • Go to Source
  • Tap on TV

Connected Device

We are concluding the article with the hope that your issue is resolved. If the problem persists, contact the service provider and Samsung Service Care.

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