Base Galaxy S24 won’t get RAM upgrade

According to some early leaks, the entire S24 lineup was supposed to ship with 12GB RAM on the base variant. However, according to a new report from Revegnus, the Galaxy S24 is still stuck with 8GB of RAM. This information comes from a screenshot of a Geekbench score.

The Galaxy S23 currently starts at 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This is the base variant, and you can also opt for a 256 or 512 configuration with 12GB RAM.

8GB RAM is a limitation for power users in many ways. While most average consumers won’t notice this limitation in any meaningful way, power users need a lot more. Considering that the S24 will cost 799 USD and it’s a compact entry-flagship phone, 8GB RAM in 2023 is a major limiting factor for the base variant.

More RAM will ensure that background tasks run for longer. It can hold a lot more heavy apps and games in the background. More RAM ensures a smoother tab-switching experience and browsing experience. You can keep a lot more browser tabs open with more RAM and multitask a lot more efficiently with features like Split Screen or Floating Windows. Moreover, extra RAM is a requirement for multitasking.

Base Galaxy S24

When you open a heavy game, your phone has to allocate resources to it by clearing out the RAM. It’s a similar case if you use a heavy video editing tool or basic graphic design software. Any app that demands RAM and CPU horsepower will benefit a lot from extra RAM.

We expect flagships to maintain an all-round experience with best-in-class performance, and this is why Samsung should make the move to 12GB RAM on the base Galaxy S24. TM Roh’s successor is allegedly a hardware enthusiast, and he aims to reduce the cost-cutting from Samsung. However, the new report says that the S24 has only 8GB RAM, and the Geekbench scores are quite low as well.

The single-core score in the screenshot is around 2000, and the multi-core score is about 6200. This makes us assume it’s the Exynos 2400 variant and not the 8 Gen 3 variant. In Korea, the S24 will start at 256GB with UFS 4.0. We’re not sure if the USA and other markets will also get 256GB as base storage and not 128GB with UFS 3.1.

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