How to Add Mobile Driver’s License to Samsung Wallet

Samsung finally added the new trending feature to its Wallet ecosystem. In October, there was a report that the company is working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to add mobile driver’s licenses and state IDs to Samsung Wallet in a few selected states. Samsung also partners with IDEMIA to ensure the security measures using mobile driver’s licenses are secure, accurate, and private. Finally, Arizona’s Samsung Wallet users became the first to get mobile driver’s licenses or state IDs and use them at participating TSA checkpoints.

It’s not a new idea discovered by Samsung; Apple has already implemented it in 2022, but it’s limited to a few states. However, Samsung is to take it to the next level by implementing it on a large scale. The company also plans to utilize such an identity recognition system beyond the TSA checkpoints, replacing the physical ID verification process.

Adding Your Mobile Driver’s License to Samsung Wallet

On many occasions, Samsung Wallet is a one-stop solution for digital wallets. Unlike other wallet systems, the Samsung Wallet has a secure payment method like Samsung Pay and provides a range of useful digital modules. For instance, the Samsung pass, student ID, Digital Keys, etc.

And the recent addition to it was the Mobile Driver’s Licenses or State ID module. Arizona became the first state in the US to support MDL ID through Samsung Wallet. While passing a TSA Checkpoint near the airport, you can scan it and verify yourself. Follow the steps below to include the support in your Samsung Wallet-

  • On your Wallet, Go to the “Quick Access” Section
  • You will either see the “ADD” Button or the “+” symbol; tap on it
  • Out of all options, Select the “Digital IDs” option
  • Finally, tap on the “Driver’s License/State ID” Icon
  • Now, scan your Physical ID, i.e., your Driver’s License or State ID, on the front and back side, then Tap on Next
  • As soon as you scan the ID, now scan your face to verify yourself,
  • After that, tap on the “Submit” button. Your Arizona ID and face scan will be sent to ADOT MVD for verification. It might take a while!
  • While tapping the Submit button, it will ask for the fingerprint or PIN you set for the wallet app, which will also be associated with your Mobile Driver’s License so that only you can access it.


How to get Mobile Driver's Licenses in Samsung Walllet
Credit: Samsung

How do you use the mobile driver’s license?

With the latest support system, you don’t need to carry your physical ID; instead, open your Samsung Wallet digitized version ID and verify your identity. While passing a TSA checkpoint, you need to authenticate your MDL ID by scanning on a TSA digital identity reader. Reaching the selected TSA checkpoint near the airport, you may have two options to use your digitized ID.

  1. Near Field Communication (NFC): In this method, Tap your phone near the NFC reader and authenticate once your phone displays your Mobile Driver’s License information.
  2. QR Code Scanner: You need to open your QR Code and scan it on the QR Code reader machine. Open the wallet app> Quick access> Mobile Driver’s License> Show QR Code to access your code.

Overall, we can conclude Samsung Wallet’s Mobile Driver’s License is a hassle-free and secure process, but the system needs to be supported in more states as soon as possible. Moreover, such ID needs to be applied in a wide range of fields, making it a one-stop solution to verify a person’s identity.

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