2nm Exynos chipset could power Galaxy S26

Samsung is hard at work developing the Galaxy S25 series for next year, but developing new flagships begins much earlier than that.

A phone’s chipset is the most important component that actually goes into development in the very early stages of a phone’s development, with the Exynos 2500 for the Samsung Galaxy S25/S25+ supposed to adopt Samsung Foundry’s 2nd-generation 3 nm fabrication technology based on GAA transistors.

However, this is seemingly not the only major news from Samsung’s Exynos division. According to a new report by the Korean publication ETNews, it seems that Samsung has begun working on the Exynos 2600 chipset, which will power the Galaxy S26/S26+ in 2026.

Samsung Foundry has recently started the process of developing a 2nm mobile chipset to keep track of TSMC’s development of its own 2nm technology (which is expected to be adopted by chipset vendors like MediaTek, Apple, and Qualcomm in the future), intending to use it for the Galaxy S26 series.

The new 2nm mobile AP in development for the Galaxy S26 series reportedly has the codename “Thetis,” intending to mass-produce it as early as late 2026, possibly making it the first 2nm chipset to be mass-produced.

In related developments, it has emerged recently that Samsung’s yields for the second-generation 3nm GAA-based fabrication are possibly at a record low of only 20%, which, if true, poses significant hurdles in the company’s development of 2nm technology with appreciable yield rates.

Moreover, it has to be said that achieving mass production of a 2nm chipset is a very ambitious and optimistic timeline, and the company could likely face some delays. Hence, it is best to take such reports with a pinch of salt unless officially proven otherwise.

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